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    • renuka devi

      The 10 best finance apps for BlackBerry smartphones

      Keeping track of financial changes in the world — heck, just keeping track of your own personal finances — can cause a lot of stress. Financial situations constantly change, and struggles can appear at any moment. But, that’s why we have smart phones:  they help us with co...

      Tags: Mobile, apps, blackberry, BlackBerry Curve, Credit Card, Exchange rate, finance, iPhone, yahoo, Tech News

      • lizachang

        Windows Phone 8 SDK Now Available

        The tech giant has just revealed that the Windows Phone 8 SDK, which had been available in preview version only up till now, will be released tomorrow. The SDK will offer developers access to all the new Windows Phone 8 APIs.It will also include a full Windows Phone emulator which should undoubte...

        Tags: microsoft, apps, windows 8, windows phone 8, technology news in malaysia, gadget reviews in malaysia

        • renuka devi

          Smart flirting: Is your next date just an app away?

          There is no doubt app-powered dating is on the rise. According to mobile analytics firm Flurry, a recent survey of 20 top mobile dating apps revealed that almost 17 million active users used those apps in January 2013 alone, for a combined 2.1 billion sessions. It’s obvious that finding lo...

          Tags: Lifestyle, apps, dating, Tech News

          • lizachang

            Windows 8 Store Hits 20,000 Apps

            Windows Store, recently tweeted that the Windows 8 Store has surpassed 20,000 apps. Out of these 20,000 apps, close to 18,000 (17,958 to be exact) are free.Not all apps are available in all regions, but looking at the numbers, the new Windows 8 Store is growing at a impressive rate of close ...

            Tags: apps, windows 8, windows 8 store

            • lizachang

              Google Play store

              The wild, wild west. That’s as accurate a description as we can give for Google's Play Store.Google Android is particularly popular with developers, thanks to the easy access through which apps can be uploaded without going through a lengthy application and approval process. Developers who ...

              Tags: google, android, security, apps, malware, google play

              • lizachang

                Snapseed can now be found on Google Play for free to download on Android devices

                Snapseed can now be found on Google Play for free to download on Android devices. Likewise, the iOS version of the app not only goes for free now (originally US$4.99; grab it while it lasts!), possibly as part of a celebratory gesture, but has also been updated to include Google+ integration and ...

                Tags: google, apple, smartphone, android, tablet, apps, ios, mobile phone, google play, snapseed, itunes app store

                • lizachang

                  Google just announced the best Android apps for the year on its Play Store

                  Similar to Apple's 2012 App Store Best of List, Google just announced the best Android apps for the year on its Play Store. Out of the twelve apps listed, only ten are available for download in Malaysia. Currently, there are about 40 games on discount in the Google Play Store that you can downloa...

                  Tags: smartphone, tablet, google android, apps, mobile phone

                  • renuka devi

                    New apps make your smartphones smarter as you get drunker

                    If you’re like me, you like to have fun, knock back a few drinks with your friends, and party the night away. Simple, right? Yes, this all may seem very carefree – but, shockingly, mistakes, misjudgments and social faux pas are made while under the influence. Consuming alcohol, as yo...

                    Tags: Software, android, app store, apps, Blood alcohol content, Breathalyzer, Facebook, iPhone, smartphone, Twitter, Tech News

                    • renuka devi

                      Mozilla's 'Phone for Apps' initiative hits phase two, lures devs into porting HTML5 apps to Firefox OS

                      Firefox has certainly taken some pretty huge steps since Mozilla initially announced its "Phone for Apps" program back in May. Still, the browser maker knows there's a lot to be done before the mobile OS becomes more of a household entity. To help it achieve that, Mozilla's launching phase two ...

                      Tags: Tech News, apps, developers, Firefox, Firefox OS, FirefoxOS, Geeksphone, GeeksphoneKeon, HTML5, mobilepostcross, Mozilla, PhoneforApps

                      • renuka devi

                        Chrome apps gain native powers and desktop launcher on Windows and Chrome OS, Mac, Linux versions to follow

                        The line between native and web apps has been blurring more and more with the advent of HTML 5, and now Google's taking things even further with what it's calling a "new breed of Chrome apps." These new apps, while built with web technologies and the Chrome browser, appear and act like native a...

                        Tags: Tech News, applauncher, apps, chrome, chromeapps, chromeos, google, webapps, windows