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    • Entertainer

      Loco the Hitman Trilogy Part 2- Going Soft

      You can read first part of Loco the Hitman Trilogy here“That was easy,” Loco’s partner said, relaxing in the front passenger seat As the car made its way towards Borivali, Loco kept the speed at a moderate level.The duo had driven past the building in Santacruz, and a single pas...

      Tags: movie reviews, Creative, Featured, Fiction, Loco the Hitman, Noir, The Loco Hitman Trilogy

      • Entertainer

        The Loco Hitman Trilogy Part 1…And Fighting It Ain’t No Use

        “The pasta’s good,” Loco said.Across the table, his partner nodded.“I especially like the way they make it over here. One of the best places for Italian cuisine in Mumbai, this. But we’re wandering. We were discussing…” Bra na pehno holi hai “I kno...

        Tags: movie reviews, Creative, Featured, Fiction, Loco, Mumbai, Noir, short story, The Loco Hitman Trilogy, trilogy

        • Entertainer

          The Commando the Final Part: Urban Warfare

          Note- This is the 3rd and final part of the Commando short story series. You can check  out Part 1 here and Part 2 here. “I need your help.” The number was unknown, but the voice was unmistakably Gloria’s. Loco swore. This was the worst possible time for a distraction. &ld...

          Tags: movie reviews, Creative, Featured, Fiction, Commando, Loco, Noir, short story

          • Entertainer

            Frames Film Festival 2013: Framing a decade, celebrating a century

            Gone are those days when you have to go to the doorsteps of the moguls of Mumbai to make movies. Digital technology has made it possible to get yourselves heard but the problem of tomorrow is going to be not to make films but to have them screened’ were the words of Mr. Mahesh Bhatt 8 years...

            Tags: movie reviews, Awards and Recognitions, Contests, Creative, Events, Featured, Indie & Fest, BMM, Frames 2013, India;s Largest Undergraduate Film Festival, Luke Kenny, madhur bhandarkar, Mahesh Bhatt, Neetu Chandra, SIES, Udaan, Vikramaditya Motwane

            • Entertainer

              Sunday Watch Episode 9: Up close with Prasoon Joshi

              We are back and hope you had a great weekend.Prasoon Joshi is one of the finest lyricists we have in Hindi cinema. And like most good lyricist/poets he is a man with a lot of wisdom and his interviews are always insightful.This time we are sharing an interview of  his where he discusses &nbs...

              Tags: movie reviews, Creative, People, Videos, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, interview, Prasoon Joshi, Rang De Basanti

              • Entertainer

                Loco the Hitman Trilogy The Final Part: Top Dog

                You can read the first part of the story here and second part of the story here.They called him Top Dog.In the shady world of assassins where loyalty is a commodity and trust is a joke, nobody revealed their real names any more.He ran a tightly knit band of expert killers and made sure they ...

                Tags: movie reviews, Creative, Fiction, Loco the Hitman, Noir, The Loco Hitman Trilogy

                • Entertainer

                  The Commando Part 2: The Overt OP

                  Loco looked at Gloria’s retreating figure and sighed. Then he leaned back in his seat and looked at the man at the next table. The man looked back. They both nodded at each other. Then the man came over and joined Loco at his table. “Latte duet, huh?” he said, sniffing Gloria&rs...

                  Tags: movie reviews, Creative, Featured, Fiction, Commando, Loco, Noir, short story

                  • Entertainer

                    An Unequal Harmony: The Journey of a New Author

                    It was sometime in 2008 that I woke up to the idea of blogging. Guess what, my first post on Rediffiland (the earlier name of rediffblogs) was a post on Saawariya where I extended my whole-hearted support for the film. Yes, I did love the film. However, film reviews became few and far between, as...

                    Tags: movie reviews, Creative, Featured, An Unequal Harmony, Blog, Novel, short story

                    • Entertainer

                      An Unequal Harmony… (Novel): Sneak Peek

                        I remember when I decided to translate my short story ‘Knotted’ to a novel, it sounded like an incredible task. How can a 12-15 page story become a full-blown novel. I took up the challenge head-on, but then the task became intimidating. I remember that for two months I was onl...

                      Tags: movie reviews, Author's Corner, Creative, An Unequal Harmony, Blog, Novel, short story

                      • renuka devi

                        Palette's Modular Harware Controls Give You Sliders, Buttons And Knobs For Creative Software

                        Waterloo-based startup Palette is building a moddable hardware controller for your computer that can turn into a complete mixing board, should you need one. It's a hand accessory that fits the description of something I've actually been looking around for based on the fact that editing video wit...

                        Tags: Tech News, Gadgets, Startups, TC, palette, input, controls, Creative