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Results for "Dr. Sharon Livingston"


    • Dr. Sharon Livingston

      Dr. Sharon Livingston: Best Motivational Researcher

      Dr. Sharon Livingston works with individuals and groups, such as departments within corporations, to help enhance motivation, often towards a specific goal.

      Tags: Dr. Sharon Livingston, works, individuals, groups, motivation

      • Dr. Sharon Livingston

        Dr.Sharon Livingston : Marketing Researcher

        Dr. Sharon Livingston is an expert on the impact of seating position in meetings and research projects.  Understanding the effect of where people sit in relationship to the leader or facilitator and how to draw each chair out productively helps to ensure a more successful meeting

        Tags: Dr. Sharon Livingston, expert, impact, position, successful

        • Dr. Sharon Livingston

          Dr.Sharon Livingston : Qualitative Marketing Researcher

          Dr.Sharon Livingston is an NGH certified hypnotist trainer and hypnotherapist by NGH – The National Guild of Hypnotists. Guild  

          Tags: Dr. Sharon Livingston, NGH, Hypnotist, trainer

          • Dr. Sharon Livingston

            Dr. Sharon Livingston: Best Marketing Researcher

            Dr. Sharon Livingston identify psychological, emotional, behavioral, or organizational issues and diagnose disorders.

            Tags: Dr. Sharon Livingston, Identify, psycological, behavioural, organizational

            • Dr. Sharon Livingston

              Dr. Sharon Livingston Marketing Researcher

              Dr.Sharon Livingston has been one of the most prominent leaders in the field of motivational research and Insight Mining for the past 25 years. 

              Tags: Dr. Sharon Livingston, most, prominent, motivational, research

              • Dr. Sharon Livingston

                Great Motivational Tips by Dr Sharon Livingston

                Dr. Sharon Livingston attempts to identify forces and influences that consumers may not be aware of. She helps other in improving their life by her motivational topics.

                Tags: Dr. Sharon Livingston, identify, influences, consumers, aware

                • Dr. Sharon Livingston

                  Dr. Sharon Livingston: creator of Sharpen

                  Dr.Sharon Livingston has developed proprietary techniques that permit companies to engage with their consumers and prospects in authentic conversations that create a win-win for both. 

                  Tags: Dr. Sharon Livingston, developed, techniques, permit, companies