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    • lizachang

      Facebook and Twitter becoming decisive factors for determining travel destinations

      The Digital Index: Travel and Tourism study, conducted by the public relations firm, Text 100, showed that the trend is a growing influence, with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter becoming decisive factors for determining travel destinations, vacation activities and attractions,...

      Tags: facebook, twitter, social media, travel, tourism, asia-pacific traveler, text 100

      • lizachang

        Facebook Messenger for Android Updated, Removes Need for Facebook Account

        The latest update for Facebook's Android Messenger app doesn't require a Facebook account in order to be used. Users simply need to key in their names and phone numbers to start using the free messaging application right away.This method of signing in is similar to that of popular messaging apps ...

        Tags: google, mobile, phone, android, facebook, messenger

        • renuka devi

          Facebook's New Rules Change How It Treats Your Data And Who Can Access It

          Today Facebook proposed a raft of changes to its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Data-Use Policies, two separate documents that govern the way the company handles advertising, user data, and third-party retention of that data. The updates are “proposals,” Facebook te...

          Tags: Tech News, Social, TC, facebook, terms, privacy

          • renuka devi

            Security Researcher Discovers Bug That Would Let Hackers Delete Any Photo Off Facebook

            In a nice example of how Facebook’s bounty program should work (in contrast with that mess a few weeks ago), a security researcher has unearthed a bug that would let anyone delete just about any photo from Facebook — whether the photo was yours, mine, or Zuckerberg’s — an...

            Tags: Tech News, TC, facebook

            • renuka devi

              Following Mobile Test, Facebook Tries Out A ‘Trending' Section On Its Desktop News Feed

              Back in June, Facebook said it would be rolling out a number of features for following public conversations, and it looks like it’s holding true to that promise. Specifically, the company is testing a section highlighting “Trending” topics that appears alongside its desktop news...

              Tags: Tech News, Social, TC, facebook, hashtags

              • renuka devi

                Customize a Moto X the lazy way with Moto Match for Facebook

                If you start to see a lot more of the Moto X on Facebook in the coming days, there's a good chance that it's a result of Moto Match. The app is new to the social networking site, which presents users with a smartphone that's color coordinated with their photos -- think of it as Moto Maker for t...

                Tags: Tech News, facebook, google, mobilepostcross, motomaker, motomatch, motorola, motox, personalization, smartphone

                • renuka devi

                  Instagram adds 50 million users in six months, now over 150 million total

                  Instagram revealed its user base for the first time back in January, and after topping 100 million users February 26th a blog post today says its community has grown to "more than 150 million people capturing and sharing moments every month". That means it's added 50 million users in the last s...

                  Tags: Tech News, 150million, facebook, instagram, mobilepostcross, photography

                  • renuka devi

                    Facebook lets news organizations broadcast your trending topic discussions

                    Anyone else think that Twitter's love affair with TV has gotten those down in Menlo Park a little scared? Facebook has announced that broadcasters like CNN, NBC and Sky can now gain direct access to your public wall posts concerning trending topics and embed them in their shows. That means that...

                    Tags: Tech News, CNN, facebook, NBC, News, Sky, Trending Topics, TrendingTopics

                    • renuka devi

                      Google, Facebook and Yahoo petition court to disclose government data requests

                      It's not every day you see Google, Facebook and Yahoo aligned on a issue, but a push toward increased governmental transparency is just the sort of cause that'll put competing web companies on the same outraged page. All three noted today through their respective channels that they've filed pet...

                      Tags: Tech News, facebook, fisa, fisc, google, government, prism, transparency, yahoo

                      • renuka devi

                        Facebook's changing the way News Feed videos display, but it's mobile-only for now

                        Facebook's experimenting with a new way to play videos uploaded to its News Feed, but not everyone will get to take part -- not yet, anyway. This new Vine-like feature, which will begin rolling out to a limited group of US-based mobile users, allows for videos viewed on mobile to play silently ...

                        Tags: Tech News, facebook, InstagramVideo, mobilepostcross, mobilevideo, video