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Results for "Gaming"


    • lizachang

      GIGABYTE displayed FORCE M7 THOR Gaming Mouse

      GIGABYTE recently announced its latest creation under the highly regarded FORCE series: the FORCE M7 THOR Pro-Laser Gaming Mouse.The FORCE M7 THOR is a professional-grade gaming mouse that boasts a new design by GIGABYTE with straightforward reliability, solidity and superb performance, whil...

      Tags: gigabyte, mouse, gaming, gaming mouse, m7, thor, technology news in malaysia, gadget reviews in malaysia

      • renuka devi

        The Cross Plane brings Wii U GamePad-like mirroring to any game system with HDMI (video)

        A handheld gaming console that plays Conker's Bad Fur Day, Halo, Uncharted 3 and Day Z ? We're intrigued. The Cross Plane resembles a Wii U GamePad and the two have something more in common than just a launch price: both mirror video and audio output to their respective controllers. The differe...

        Tags: Tech News, AdvancedGamingInnovations, CrossPlane, gaming, hd, hdpostcross, kickstarter, PcGaming, Retro, RetroGaming, WirelessHdmi

        • renuka devi

          UCSF study shows gaming makes you cognitively younger (video)

          A slew of negatives plague video games -- Peter Pan Syndrome, hyper-violence, camping -- but their youthfulness could do just what Nintendo's Brain Age promised: improve elderly brain function. Over four years, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco had a group play a custom...

          Tags: Tech News, BrainTraining, eeg, gaming, nature, NewYorkTimes, science, ucsf, UniversityOfCaliforniaSanFrancisco

          • renuka devi

            Xbox Live Rewards revamped with loyalty 'punchcards' and local currency payouts

            As part of its march toward the Xbox One's arrival, Microsoft has relaunched the Xbox Live Rewards service -- and it looked to your coffee shop for inspiration. Just as your local barista punches a tab toward that next free coffee, completing Redmond's MyPunchcards will net you Rewards Credits....

            Tags: Tech News, gaming, hdpostcross, LoyaltyProgram, microsoft, xbox, Xbox360, XboxLiveRewards, XboxOne

            • renuka devi

              GestureWorks Gameplay adds onscreen controls to almost any Windows 8 game

              GestureWorks is smearing the lines between PC and tablet gaming with its Windows 8 app, Gameplay. The application lets you custom-design gestures and virtual buttons for most games, and place them wherever you see fit. It probably works fine with Castle Crashers' simplistic mayhem (pictured abo...

              Tags: Tech News, gameplay, gaming, GestureWorks, gestureworksgameplay, IdeumGestureworks, idf2013, PcGaming, Windows8

              • renuka devi

                3DRealms drops lawsuit against Gearbox over Duke Nukem Forever royalties

                There's been a lot of fallout from the Duke Nukem Forever launch in 2011, and not just from critics -- 3DRealms sued Gearbox earlier this year for allegedly skimping on royalties until it paid off a loan. All that's now water under the bridge, as 3DRealms has dismissed its lawsuit. The game dev...

                Tags: Tech News, 3drealms, apogee, apogeesoftware, dukenukemforever, gaming, gearbox, lawsuit, software, VideoGames

                • renuka devi

                  Alienware 14 and 17 review: Dell's new gaming laptops are fast, powerful and well-lit

                  Picking a gaming laptop is a difficult task these days: machines can be found in all shapes and sizes, from pricey thin-and-lights to oversized behemoths. That wide selection is a good thing, allowing buyers to pick and choose the best machine from dozens of manufacturers, possibly even finding...

                  Tags: Tech News, alienware, alienware14, alienware17, dell, gaming, gaming laptop, GamingLaptop, review

                  • renuka devi

                    GTA 5 companion apps offer custom rides, virtual pooches, interactive maps

                    Need something to pass the time tonight while waiting for Grand Theft Auto 5? Developer Rockstar Games has you covered with a pair of free companion apps for its latest crime sim. The iFruit mobile app features two distinct portions with direct ties to your virtual criminal career, allowing you...

                    Tags: Tech News, apps, CompanionApp, gaming, GrandTheftAuto, GrandTheftAuto5, hdpostcross, IOS, mobilepostcross, RockStar

                    • renuka devi

                      EA Sports, Origin head Andrew Wilson named new Electronic Arts CEO

                      Following the resignation of CEO Job Riccitiello back in March, Electronic Arts has announced that the head of EA Sports, Andrew Wilson, has been named as the successor. Wilson also served as an executive producer of the FIFA franchise and EVP of Origin. Chairman of the Board and former CEO Lar...

                      Tags: Tech News, andrewwilson, ceo, ea, easports, gaming

                      • renuka devi

                        Blizzard foreclosing on Diablo III real-money auction house in March 2014

                        One of the major points of contention when Diablo III released on PC and Mac last year was an auction house where you could use real money to buy high-level gear. That's changing next March 18th when developer Blizzard closes the doors on the controversial feature, as well as the in-game curren...

                        Tags: Tech News, Activision, auction, Blizzard, Diablo3, gaming, Mac, MacGaming, pc, PcGaming, rpg