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Results for "Healthcare"


    • renuka devi

      3 of the hottest tech innovations being used for the public sector

      The advent of global and communications technologies has been at the forefront of business and consumer industries for years, allowing us to share data, ideas and collaborative tools instantly around the world. However, the private sector isn’t the only industry to be revolutionized by the...

      Tags: Technology, Business, Child Protective Services, Civil service, communication, computing, flickr, Healthcare, new york, Tech News

      • Meer Janjua

        Meer janjua-Prolotherapy Specialist

        Prolotherapy, also called growth treatments are an injection-based treatment used in serious bone and joint conditions. It has been classified as an alternative healthcare practice.  

        Tags: meer janjua, prolotherapy, biocellular regenerative, Male Practitioner, MBBS, health, health tips, Healthcare

        • 10deals

          Experts Tips For Healthy Eating & good health

          Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Beggar”, as you might have heard of this. But the question is that why is it so? So here are some experts opinion about healthy eating habits.

          Tags: health tips, Healthcare, healthy food

          • 10deals

            Healthy Diet, A Secret Of Healthy Mind & Body

            It is a well-known fact that a healthy eating routine will keeps you healty always, So we must take proper care of what we are eating in our diet plan. We must add some of these essential ingredients to ensure an overall good health.

            Tags: Healthcare, health tips

            • Craig Hochstadt

              Amazing Facts About Green Tea Shared by Craig Hochstadt

              Green tea and health benefits are something that is close to my heart and I would like to share it with you. I have been reading and looking for information about this wonderful natural substance for a long time now. I have learned that it can do wonderful things for your body.

              Tags: Healthcare, Health Benefits, Health

              • Areyo Dadar

                Components of stay Fit & Healthy by Areyo Dadar

                Feel younger, live longer. It's no slogan — these are actual benefits of regular exercise. If you find it difficult to fit extended periods of exercise into your schedule, keep in mind that short bouts of physical activity in 10-minute segments will nonetheless help you achieve health b...

                Tags: areyo dadar, areyo, health, Healthcare, fitness, fitness trainer, trainer, health tips

                • Areyo Dadar

                  Benefits of Hiring a Fitness Trainer – Areyo Dadar

                  Tags: areyo, areyo dadar, fitness trainer, trainer, dadar, fitness, Healthcare

                  • Craig Hochstadt

                    Wonderful Health Benefits of Green Matcha Tea shared by Craig Hochstadt

                    This tea helps you in regulating your blood sugar and meeting your sweet cravings as it controls the sugary taste on your palate. It is also helpful in preventing cardiovascular ailments and strengthening the immune system. Brewing this tea on a regular basis absorbs the fat from your body and ma...

                    Tags: Health, Healthcare, Health tips

                    • Areyo Dadar

                      Personal Health and Fitness | Areyo Dadar

                      In this video Areyo Dadar show that how to become fit and healthy.  Areyo Dadar helps you to get rid of the health and professional problems. He is a fitness trainer over past 3 years who strongly believes that healthy living Improve the quality of life. For more information You can read his...

                      Tags: Health and Fitness, Personal Health, Areyo Dadar, Fitness, Fitness Trainer, Health, Healthcare

                      • Craig Hochstadt

                        10 Matcha Green Tea Recipes Shared By Craig Hochstadt

                        Matcha Green Tea is known to be one of the healthiest drink in the world. I am sharing you 10 great recipes for home and you can also incorporate in your daily life. They all require a minimum effort, and is very healthy.

                        Tags: Health, Healthcare, health tips, healthy food, Health Benifit