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    • Peter Nilsson

      How to Prepare Your WordPress Website for Your Vacation

      Learn How to Prepare Your Wordpress Website for Your Vacation with These Powerful & Proven Solutions

      Tags: wordpress, website, vacation, holiday

      • renuka devi

        Apple’s New Holiday Ad Flips Your Expectations And Tugs The Old Heartstrings

        Oh, brooding, teenage boy apparently dejected at holiday family gathering, I was you once. But unlike the character in Apple’s note-perfect holiday commercial embedded above, I was doing terrible things like texting with my friends about how lame everything was and playing Snake, not captu...

        Tags: Tech News, TC, Apple, Holiday, ad, iPhone

        • Aussie Adventure Sailing

          Enjoy An Eco-Friendly Kayak Tour With Aussie Adventure Sailing

          Get ready to indulge in lots of fun, action and adventure. Cruise the picture-perfect islands of Whitsundays in Summertime, a classic timber ketch. Satisfy your pang for adventure with activities like snorkeling, sailing Whitsundays and sea kayaking.

          Tags: Sailing Whitsundays, Travel, Adventure, Holiday