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    • Sofi

      Yoga Asanas 1 - Surya Namaskar

      Surya Namaskar               Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is one of the most popular and useful yoga ...

      • Entertainer

        15th Mumbai Film Festival Diary: Day 6

        ...lm still remains fresh. This is a restored version which you won’t get on #youknowhere. It was a delight to watch another restored classic in MFF. A Touch of Sin This Chinese...

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        • Entertainer

          15th Mumbai Film Festival Diary: Day 6

          The 15th Mumbai Film Festival had an amazing choice of films and continuing over coverage of the same here is a look at the last 2 days of the festival i.e day 6 & day 7. (Also check out the highlights of day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4 and day 5)   Day 6 The Strange Little Cat This strange l...

          Tags: movie reviews, Indie & Fest, MAMI 2013, 15th Mumbai Film Festival, A Touch of Sin, All About Eve, Bad Hair, Before Midnight, Ilo Ilo, Jealousy, Katiyabaaz, MAMI, MFF, MFF 2013, Mumbai Film Festival, Palo Melo, Powerless, The Strange Little Cat, Timecrimes

          • Entertainer

            Mumbai Film Festival 2013 Guide Part Two: Festival Darlings

            Well MFF gets best of the films from festivals around the world, especially the big three-Cannes, Berlin and Venice. And this year is no exception. There are a whooping 12 films from the main competition @ Cannes. We all are infatuated with Cannes for sure, may be  because many Indian f...


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