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Results for "Mars"


    • Meril Jeffery John.J

      Do you think Mars has Alien life in it ?

      Tags: Mars, Mars alliance

      • renuka devi

        Life on Mars cast into doubt as Curiosity fails to find methane

        [Click] Hi, is that David Bowie? [Silence] ... It's NASA here. We've got some news. While it's not a conclusive answer, the Curiosity Rover wasn't able to detect any traces of methane in the Gale Crater. Presence of the gas is one of the things that we were hoping would support our theories ...

        Tags: Tech News, Bowie, Curiosity, Curiosity Rover, CuriosityRover, Mars, Methane, NASA

        • renuka devi

          NASA's Curiosity finds two percent of Martian soil is comprised of water

          We already knew Mars was blanketed in ancient riverbeds, which points to the existence of water in the distant past. What we didn't know, however, is that H2O exists on Mars in the here and now -- albeit embedded in Martian soil. A paper recently published in the journal Science revealed that a...

          Tags: Tech News, curiosity, laurieleshin, mars, nasa, rover, sam, soil, water