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Results for "Mobile"


    • lizachang

      Flickr's New Chief Is Actually a Legit Photographer

      The Internet giant will now focus on emerging technologies and products that have remained stagnant after they were acquired.Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer also mentioned Andy Cahan has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Emerging Products and Technology . His main duties will be to supervise Yah...

      Tags: google, mobile, yahoo, flickr, adam, cahan, marissa, mayer

      • lizachang

        Facebook Messenger for Android Updated, Removes Need for Facebook Account

        The latest update for Facebook's Android Messenger app doesn't require a Facebook account in order to be used. Users simply need to key in their names and phone numbers to start using the free messaging application right away.This method of signing in is similar to that of popular messaging apps ...

        Tags: google, mobile, phone, android, facebook, messenger

        • renuka devi

          Commercial Break comes to Android, now monitors simultaneous live events

          Judging from the reader comments when we initially reported on Commercial Break's beta launch, a lot of people wanted to see an Android version and more functionality for sports. Well, the devs appear to be listening. With the app's new "Live Events" feature, you can follow multiple upcoming li...

          Tags: Tech News, android, apps, commercial, commercialbreak, hd, hdpostcross, IOS, mobile, mobilepostcross, update

          • renuka devi

            Hammerhead LED-based bike navigation keeps you on the righteous paths (video)

            Developer Hammerhead Navigation thinks it has the solution to safer cycling: LEDs. It created a bike-mounted tool that does everything with its flashing diodes: turn-by-turn navigation, suggests crowd sourced-paths (via Strava and MapMyRide) and will even point you to the nearest Citibike excha...

            Tags: Tech News, app, crowdfunding, cycling, dragoninnovation, hammerhead, HammerheadNavigation, mobile, mobilepostcross, navigation, transportation

            • renuka devi

              Switched On: For Samsung, more is more

              Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology. Motorola's return to the smartphone market after a year ensconced in Googliness raised many questions about how the handset pioneer would introduce a competitive smartphone without appearing to have most-favored ...

              Tags: Tech News, accessories, apple, column, google, mobile, note3, rossrubin, samsung, switchedon

              • renuka devi

                Gaming the system: Edward Thorp and the wearable computer that beat Vegas

                "My name is Edward Thorp." "My name is Edward Thorp." "My name is Edward Thorp." It's 1964 and Edward Thorp is on the television game show To Tell The Truth, sitting alongside two other well-dressed men also claiming to be Edward Thorp, a man so adept at card counting that he'd been barred fro...

                Tags: Tech News, Beat the Dealer, BeatTheDealer, computers, Edward Thorp, EdwardThorp, gambling, google glass, GoogleGlass, Information Technology, InformationTechnology, interview, MIT, mobile, roulette, Thorp, wearables

                • renuka devi

                  Lovefilm iOS app updated with AirPlay, IMDb info and Watchlist management

                  Streaming Thundercats to your iDevice with Lovefilm is all well and good, but what if you wanted to watch it on a bigger screen? Well, now you can, assuming you use Apple TV: the app's latest update has added AirPlay support. The refreshed app also tacks on Watchlist management and IMDb integra...

                  Tags: Tech News, airplay, app, hd, hdpostcross, lovefilm, mobile, mobilepostcross, movies, streaming

                  • renuka devi

                    Beats Electronics pulls away from HTC with $265 million share buyback

                    Looks like the rumors were true. HTC announced today that Beats Electronics will buy back the remaining 25 percent stake it had in the headphone maker for $265 million, all but bringing to an end a two-year partnership that has never really worked out. It's quite a bit of cash for HTC, after it...

                    Tags: Tech News, beats, beats electronics, BeatsElectronics, deal, headphones, htc, mobile, sale, shares

                    • renuka devi

                      Switched On: The why of the 'i' buy

                      Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology. For the past few years, the media has met iPhone introductions with skepticism that precedes great sales success. This has become such a cliché that the superstitious might worry what would happen should n...

                      Tags: Tech News, Apple, carriers, column, iphone, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, mobile, Ross Rubin, switchedon

                      • renuka devi

                        In a bid to control the internet, China tries to put the squeeze on mobile news apps

                        It's like Jeff Goldblum's neurotic, chaos theory spouting character in Jurassic Park said: "life, uh, finds a way." Or, in this case, it's the internet that can't be kept down at heel. According to a Reuters report, the Chinese government's State Internet Information Office has instituted a "cr...

                        Tags: Tech News, censorship, China, GreatFirewall, internet, mobile, mobilepostcross, newsapps