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      My Week with Westerns – High Noon

      Original: By: CinephilePosted: March 28, 2013, 12:32 am

      Tags: movie reviews, Author's Corner, Movie Blog, Movies, Django Unchained, Fred Zinnemann, Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, High Noon, Hollywood Classics, review, Series, Westerns

      • Entertainer

        Why you should stay back after the credit rolls of Iron Man 3

        Yes, there is a scene after the credit rolls in Iron Man 3. For those who are soon going to catch Iron Man 3, don’t be eager to rush back home after the film. Marvel continues its excellent tradition of Here’s a cool new poster to keep you kicked about catching Iron Man 3. adding qu...

        Tags: movie reviews, Author's Corner, Hollywood, Movie Blog, Qwiki, Uncategorized, What's New, Cinematic Easter Eggs, Iron Man 3, Marvel, Post Credits Scene, Pro Tip, Robert Downey Jr

        • Entertainer

          The Road to When Hari Got Married, Part 2

          (Note- This post is a follow up to the earlier post from Tenzing Sonam where he had highlighted upon Tenzing and his partner Ritu’s background in films and their long journey to this point.) Hari was 16 when we first met him. We had just moved near his village not far from Dharamshala,...

          Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Movie Blog, Dalhousie, Documentary, Indie Film, PVR Director's Rare, Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam, Tibet, When Hari Got Married

          • Entertainer

            All About ‘Punyalan Agarbathis’

            After Molly Aunty Rocks I was looking at initially working on either Sudhi Valmeekam or Mayflower, both projects having Prithviraj in the lead. But sometimes destiny has something else in store for you and that’s how Punyalan Agarbathis came into existence. In fact Punyalan Agarbathis was n...

            Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Movie Blog, Arjunan Saakshi, Bijibal, Jayasurya, Malayalam Cinema, Molly Aunty Rocks, Nyla Usha, Passenger, Prithviraj, Punyalan Agarbathis, Ranjith Sankar