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    • Entertainer

      In Conversation with Rohit Sharma: I wonder why people call me ‘Rohit sir’

      Those who’ve read my earlier post would know that I was all excited to interview Rohit Sharma.To do this interview, we needed to borrow a camera from one of our friends. (More than anything else, struggling filmi keedas have to be smart jugadoo folks). This is how most of our conversations ...

      Tags: movie reviews, Featured, In Conversations, People, Anand Gandhi, Composing, Music, Music Composer, Music Director, Rohit Sharma, Ship of Theseus

      • renuka devi

        Spotify Makes Its Biggest Hardware Play Yet With Spotify Connect, Synching Music At Home And Beyond

        Spotify is today adding a new feature to its iOS app that represents the streaming company’s most ambitious move yet to position itself as the go-to music app on connected devices — and in the process entice more people to pay the $9.99 per month required to use the app. It&rsqu...

        Tags: Tech News, Apps, Europe, Gadgets, Media, Mobile, TC, spotify, spotify connect, Music

        • Entertainer

          The Grammy Awards 2013 Winners List

          The 55th Annual Grammy Awards (2013) were held at L.A on 1oth Feb. Incidentally the first award ceremony was held way back on 4th May 1959. What made this year special for Indians was the Life Time Achievement award bestowed upon Late Pandit Ravi Shankar. To know who won the rest of awards do rea...

          Tags: movie reviews, Awards and Recognitions, Events, Featured, Music, Black Keys, Bruce Springsteen, Gotye, Jay-Z, Kanye We, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Paul McCartney, Trent Razor, Usher

          • Entertainer

            The last of the ‘Red Bastion’ in India: Tripura

            ‘How many people have lost their lives?’ – was my question. ‘I don’t have the accurate no, but not less than 8 to 10 thousand people’ – he answered. ‘In how many days these lives were lost?’ – I asked again. ‘Not more than 15 day&r...

            Tags: movie reviews, Author's Corner, Documentary, Featured, Bangladesh, Bengalis, Bob Dylan, Guns & Guitars, Kokborok, Lou Majow, Music, North-East, Swaraijak, Tripura, Tripuri

            • Entertainer

              Devoid-Brahma Weapon Official Music Video

              Devoid is 4 member trash Metal Band formed in Mumbai in 2005.They won the 2006 regional finals of battle-of-the-bands competition Campus Rock Idols. Initially the band compromised of  lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Arun Iyer, drummer Shubham Kumar and the lead guitari...

              Tags: movie reviews, Madaboutmoviez Specials, Music, Videos, Death Metal, Devoid, Indie Bands from India, The Invasion, Trash Metal

              • Entertainer

                The 20 Principles of Life

                Every human being is made up of a code of ethics, which he or she follows – consciously or subconsciously. After all, what is a life without a set of beliefs which are neither inherited nor enforced upon – beliefs that you were not born with but beliefs that you acquired through your ...

                Tags: movie reviews, Author's Corner, Featured, Arts, Food, Life, Love, movies, Music, Philosophy, Principles

                • Entertainer

                  Ek Thi Daayan Music Review: Serenity all over…

                  Gulzar & Vishal Bharadwaj forever, I wish.I wish it never ends. I wish they continue making songs forever, because Hindi film songs are the only pop-music-culture we have. And they are the epitome of our culture. Vishal Bharadwaj, has been doing it for a lot of time, even in his feebler films...

                  Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Music Review, Amit Trivedi, AR Rahman, Ek Thi Daayan, Ek Thi Daayan Music Review, Emraan Hashmi, Gulzar, Music, poetry, Songs, Vishal Bharadwaj

                  • Entertainer

                    Great Films

                    No, this is not a list. This is, ultimately, my own perception of what cinema is. I write this today, as I think constantly of a film called “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia”, and it’s review by Ebert (especially now that he is gone and I, amidst our day to day lives and its activi...

                    Tags: movie reviews, Author's Corner, Featured, 3 Idiots, A Separation, Art, Cinema, Citizen Kane, Films, Michael Haneke, Mona Lisa, Music, Once Upon a Time In Anatolia, Painting, roger ebert, Stanley Kubrick, Vertigo

                    • renuka devi

                      How Smule’s Jeff Smith Got A Ph.D. While Running A Startup

                      You hear about graduate students who drop out to found startups, but I guess that would be too easy for Jeff Smith. He co-founded and serves as CEO at Smule, the startup behind social music apps like Ocarina and Magic Piano. At the same time, he recently received a Ph.D. in computer-based music t...

                      Tags: Tech News, Media, Social, Startups, TC, smule, Music

                      • Entertainer

                        “Why do you call him Rohit sir, yaar?”

                        Having been in advertising for a long time, I haven’t addressed anyone as a ‘sir’. Call it the arrogance or the informal nature of the business that I have been in for about a decade now, I call people by their first names. For some reason, my dear friend (who will be shooting &...

                        Tags: movie reviews, Featured, People, Aamir Khan, Composing, Kiran Rao, Music, Rohit Sharma, Ship of Theseus