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Results for "Nostalgia"



    • Entertainer

      The Prisoner of Second Avenue: A delightful take on urban dwelling

      How many of us go crazy when we see someone spit on the sidewalks, when the roads are laden with traffic, when the whole city represents a huge dump yard? Full of blaring horns, flashy billboards and fast-talking residents, cities can be stressful places to be. So, it may be no wonder that urban-...

      Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Movies, Nostalgia, Anne Bancroft, Hollywood Classics, Jack Lemmon, Melvin Frank, Neil Simon, The Prisoner of Second Avenue

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        Gentleman’s Agreement: We Are All One

        We are a country full of people who suffer from xenophobia. A vast majority of our population is dark skinned yet our T.V. Channels constantly bombard us with visuals and images of ultra fair people and make it clear that if you are not fair you will not get a job, husband of your choice, heck yo...

        Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Nostalgia, Antisemitism, Celeste Holm, Dorothy McGuire, Elia Kazan, Gentleman's Agreement, Gregory Peck, John Garfield, Oscar winner for Best Director, Oscar Winner for Best Picture, Oscar winner for best supporting actress

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