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Results for "Nostalgia"


    • Entertainer

      The Prisoner of Second Avenue: A delightful take on urban dwelling

      How many of us go crazy when we see someone spit on the sidewalks, when the roads are laden with traffic, when the whole city represents a huge dump yard? Full of blaring horns, flashy billboards and fast-talking residents, cities can be stressful places to be. So, it may be no wonder that urban-...

      Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Movies, Nostalgia, Anne Bancroft, Hollywood Classics, Jack Lemmon, Melvin Frank, Neil Simon, The Prisoner of Second Avenue

      • Entertainer

        Gentleman’s Agreement: We Are All One

        We are a country full of people who suffer from xenophobia. A vast majority of our population is dark skinned yet our T.V. Channels constantly bombard us with visuals and images of ultra fair people and make it clear that if you are not fair you will not get a job, husband of your choice, heck yo...

        Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Nostalgia, Antisemitism, Celeste Holm, Dorothy McGuire, Elia Kazan, Gentleman's Agreement, Gregory Peck, John Garfield, Oscar winner for Best Director, Oscar Winner for Best Picture, Oscar winner for best supporting actress

        • Entertainer

          Jurassic Park 3D: Evolution Reboot

          I was ten when I saw Jurassic Park in a dingy cinema at Kolkata’s (then Calcutta) Dunlop market; in Hindi. Accompanied by my Massi, we kids grabbed on to our seats in exasperated wonderment as the Dinosaur magic unspooled on screen. Big giant Dinosaurs captivated my mind then, the science a...

          Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Movies, Nostalgia, Dinosaurs, Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 3D, Jurassic Park 3D Movie Review, Laura Dern, Michael Crichton, Richard Attenborough, Sam Neill, Steven Spielberg, T-Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex

          • Entertainer

            Marty: An unlikely Hollywood classic

            Marty (1955) is a classic tearjerker romance, which happens to be a brilliant movie and a beautiful exploration of human frailty in real people amongst the vast majority of us who do not look like movie stars, speak poetically or have high paying jobs. Movies have usually had little time for peop...

            Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Movies, Nostalgia, Betsy Blair, Delbert Mann, Ernest Borgnine, Frank Sutton, Hollywood Classics, Joe Mantell, Marty

            • Entertainer

              The Seven Year Itch: The “Just elegant” movie!!

              This morning, when I stepped out of office, the unrelenting Mumbai heat made me remember an old Billy Wilder movie and that bought an instant smile to my face. Before I go any further, let me tell you that, apart from a zillion reasons that will make you laugh, there are 2 main reasons this movie...

              Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Movies, Nostalgia, Billy Wilder, Hollywood Classics, Marilyn Monroe, The Seven Year Itch, Tom Ewell

              • Entertainer

                Hero Hiralal: Phata poster, nikla Hero!

                The advent of cable-TV happened in India in the early 1990’s when foreign channels were beaming in the houses of the privileged upper-middle-class. A decade later came the age of the reality shows with Channel V running a contest to form a girl-band on the lines of Spice Girl...

                Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Nostalgia, Amitabh Bachchan, Hero Hiralal, Ketan Mehta, Kiran Kumar, Naseeruddin Shah, nikla hero, phata poster, Rohini Hattangadi, Sanjana Kapoor

                • Entertainer

                  Kanoon (1960): B.R.Chopra’s Evergreen Social Saga

                  The recent death sentences carried out by the Indian Government have led to hue and cry among a section of society. The incidents have brought about debate on the topic ‘should death entence be abolished or is death sentence essential for functioning of civic society, can this barbaric act ...

                  Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Nostalgia, Akhtar-Ul-Iman, Ashok Kumar, B.R Chopra, C.J.Pavri, Jeevan, Kanoon, Kanoon 1960 Hindi Film, Krishnan Sachdeva, M.N.Malhotra, Nanda, Pran Mehra, Rajendra Kumar, Ramlal, Salil Chowdhury

                  • Entertainer

                    Dushmun (1971): A Film with a theme that’s still relevant

                    Hate the sin, love the sinner. – Mahatma Gandhi What is the prime responsibility of law? Is it to punish the guilty and dispense justice to the victims, or should law also take responsibility of reforming the criminals? In Dushmun Rajesh Khanna plays Surjeet a truck driver, who loves his bo...

                    Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Nostalgia, Anand Bakshi, Dulal Guha, Dushman, Dushmun, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, M.Rajaram, Meena Kumari, Mumtaz, Premji, Rajesh Khanna

                    • Entertainer

                      Lanka Dahanam (1971) B/W Malayalam Movie Review: The Singing Malayalee James Bond

                      James Bond remains one of the most iconic characters ever witnessed in the history of cinema. It is the second most successful franchise ever made in movie history. It is estimated that half the population of the World has watched at least one James Bond Film or other. It is not surprising that J...

                      Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Nostalgia, Adoor Bhasi, CID, J.G.Vijayan, James Bond, K.P.Ummar, Kottarakara, Lanka Dahanam, M/S.Viswanathan, Prem Nazir, Ragini, Sasikumar, Vijayasree

                      • renuka devi

                        Compact cassette turns 50, puts a tear in Soundwave's eye

                        Forget the MP3 player, or even the Walkman -- the real instigator of the portable audio revolution is the compact cassette, which just marked its 50th birthday. Philips formally launched the format on September 13th, 1963, bringing recorded sound to a truly portable (and more accessible) form ...

                        Tags: Tech News, anniversary, audio, boombox, cassette, nostalgia, philips, recorder, storage, tape