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      Aurangzeb Movie Review: A Tale Of Men! in Gurgaon, joined by his son Dev (Sikandar Kher) and nephew Arya (Prithviraj) in the force. Arya is the so...between him and his wife in one of the quieter moments of the movie. Prithviraj is the underlying foundation...

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        Haridas: Trailer

        ...s commercially, with Haridas he seems to have changed gears. The film talks about a single cop Sivadas (Kishore) and his 8 year old son Haridas (Prithviraj Das). Sneha plays Amudhavalli...

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          Aurangzeb Movie Review: A Tale Of Men!

          Aurangzeb! The last of the Great Mughals before the empire started on its eventual downfall. A man of great ambition, who let his rage against his father and family dictate all his actions. His ascent to the throne was marked by the blood of his brothers and their allies. The movie attempts to te...


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            Mumbai Police Movie Review: A Cop Thriller That Breaks the Stereotype

            A crime is committed; you have identified the culprit and are about to reveal the mystery and then boom! There’s an accident and everything is wiped out of your memory and you have to start on a fresh slate, with your RAM totally clean and no one else aware of your condition, except for a c...

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