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    • Raef Lawson | Connect Galaxy

      How to Get Corporate Sponsorship for Non Profit Events?

      Most of the time getting the company sponsorship for nonprofit events can be a challenging and frustrating task. It is crucial to position and advertises your nonprofit brand in order to get the potential corporate sponsor. According to Raef Lawson, the marketing campaign can help non-profit even...

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      • Raef Lawson | Connect Galaxy

        Make a Brand as a Government Contractor

        All you need to do is to figure out the things that set you separate from the competitors and folk in the same niche recommend Raef Lawson. The best way to do this is to research your competitor’s products and services to know more about them.

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        • Raef Lawson | Connect Galaxy

          5 Tips for Enhancing Business Marketing Strategies

          The business success lies in its marketing strategies says, Raef Lawson. And business marketing is a lengthy as well as complex selling process. In this article, we have made a list of some methods to get success in business advertising. These tips are helpful for both the small size as well as l...

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          • Raef Lawson | Connect Galaxy

            Learn How Sponsorship Is a Key to Powerful Marketing

            From the above points given by Raef Lawson, it has been clear that why sponsorship should be a component of annual marketing tactics. Corporate sponsorship not only increases reach but also enable individuals to penetrate their target audience and have direct contact with them before and after th...

            Tags: Corporate sponsorship, marketing tactics, Raef Lawson, business sponsorship

            • Raef Lawson | Connect Galaxy

              The Benefits of Working for the Federal Government

              Raef Lawson, an ex-employee of federal government says that individuals will receive a copy of SF-50 for every particular action they take. This is some basic information for employees working for the federal government. Hoping that every individual who is working for the federal government and w...

              Tags: marketing, Raef Lawson, federal government, business

              • Raef Lawson | Connect Galaxy

                6 Reason Sponsorship Is a Brilliant Marketing Strategy

                Sponsoring an event means entrepreneurs can reach more people than those who attend. In reality, sponsorship gives access to a huge network and channels of communication as well. Raef Lawson suggests that your brand name should appear in all the events marketing materials like emails. By doing th...

                Tags: Raef Lawson, Marketing Strategy, Sponsorship, business, marketing

                • Raef Lawson | Connect Galaxy

                  Sponsorship Is a Key to Powerful Business Marketing

                  The sponsors can look for disclosure in both electronic as well as print media according to Raef Lawson. Different media covering the event include sponsor names and photos. Sponsorship Company should have comprehensive media campaign in order to boost the media coverage promoted by the organizer...

                  Tags: Raef Lawson, marketing, business, sponsorship

                  • Raef Lawson | Connect Galaxy

                    How Important Is Creativity as a Leadership Skills Development

                    According to Raef Lawson, creativity is the aptitude to create new and unique business ideas and innovation is executing creative notions.Without leadership, other business elements lie quiescent. A skillful leader helps businesses to maximize productivity and achieve the company objectives. Entr...

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                    • Raef Lawson | Connect Galaxy

                      Most Effective Business Development Strategies Plan

                      According to Raef Lawson, business development is the fastest way to grow your company. A lot of business development tactics available which can exploit on the commercial basis. The businesspersons should implement, launch and market different strategies properly to get success.

                      Tags: Raef Lawson, business development, strategies, marketing, businesspersons

                      • Raef Lawson | Connect Galaxy

                        Learn About the Different Types of Internet Marketing

                        Raef Lawson has given the above-said types of Internet marketing. The professional is Chief Marketing Officer at Greene Media Lab with liability for advertising programs, brand supervision, and business sponsorship. Earlier to this, Raef work in tactical industry development and finance at numero...

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