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      Avengers: Infinity war a Billion dollar conception

      No offence Avengers: Infinity War will be a top rated film, Marvel has flashed an international teaser for this blockbuster. So many top rated leading role getting $million remuneration. Avengers: infinity War is a Big game now Infinity War is a new big game now. This movie made with Co...

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        What fishy happened in the “Marry Poppins Returns” promotions?

        Marry Poppins Returns- is the current talk of the movie arena of Hollywood.  The movie is a sequel of the 19th century movie ‘Marry Poppins’. The crew of the movie is amazingly creating a hilarious enjoyable environment by describing their experiences on the movie set and many mo...

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          Chris Hemsworth Thor

          Chris Hemsworth, the full name of his is Christopher Hemsworth. He was born on 11 August 1983. His nationality is Australian. He is most popular for playing a role in an Australian tv series named Home and Away. He played the role of Kim Hyde and worked there from 2004 to 2007. Since 2011, he [&h...

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            Hugh Jackman The Wolverine

            Hugh Jackman, we know him as Jackman, an Australian actor, singer as well as producer. He was born on October 12 in 1968. He is internationally recognized for his acting, he played many roles in movies of different genres. But he is most popular for playing the role of Wolverine in the X-Men film...

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              Chris Pratt Biography Book

              Chris Pratt, whose full name is Christopher Michael Pratt is a popular face in Hollywood world. He was born on June 21, 1979, and his nationality is American. His 1st role in tv was as Andy Dwyer in NBC sitcom parks and recreation. Chris got critical acclaim for this role and was nominated for Cr...

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                Robert Downey Jr. Biography

                Robert Downey Jr Biography – A famous American actor, who appeared in the late 19th century, has been staring at the Hollywood film industry for more than four decades. He born on January 4, 1965. Downey has been ranked in the Forbes magazine’s topper on the list of Hollywood’s ...

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                  Padman – A Social Message About Menstrual Hygiene

                  Padman is an upcoming comedy movie which is biographical. This film is written and directed by R. Balki and starring with Akshay Kumar, Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor in major roles. This film is motivated by Arunachalam Muruganantham’s life story, who is a general activist from South India....

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                    Netflix, Will Smith, and Ninety million budget movie ‘Bright’

                    The two time Grammy award winner Will Smith coming with the new Netflix movie ‘Bright’, with the director David Ayer. David Ayer was credited as director of Suicide Squad and Fury. Some of the critics have been saying things about David Ayer’s last movie Suicide Squad because it...

                    Tags: movie, Reaction, biography, list, Movie News, News, bright movie, bright netflix release date, David Ayer, David Ehrlich, how much did will smith get paid for bright, Joel Edgerton, Netflix's ‘Bright’, Will Smith, will smith bright salary, will smith salary per movie

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                      Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer Breakdown

                      The movie Pacific rim uprising Trailer Breakdown. The movie of fantasy science fiction genre which is going to release on March 22, 2018. The trailer has been released officially. The casting includes John Boyega as Jake Pentecost, Jing Tian, Scott Eastwood as Lambert, Rinko Kikuchi as Mako ...

                      Tags: movie, Reaction, biography, list, English, Trailer Reaction, Pacific Rim Uprising, Pacific Rim Uprising sequel, Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer Breakdown

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                        Insidious: The Last Key Explained (2018) -Trailer Review

                        Universal Pictures has recently released the trailer for new movie Insidious the Last Key. This upcoming movie is going to release on January 5, 2018. Adam Robitel has directed this awesome movie of Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Horror genre and starring of this movie includes Angus Sampson, Bruce Da...