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    • Game Review

      Why the UK doesn’t care about Nintendo – Reader’s Feature

      Do most UK gamers even know what this is?A reader offers his theory for why Nintendo has never been as popular in the UK as elsewhere, and why they probably never will be… I read with interest GC’s report on the sales of Grand Theft Auto V and the fact that top four selling individua...

      • Game Review

        Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 review – Reader’s Feature

        Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 – better than Night TrapThe indie homage to Night Trap already has a sequel and the reader who reviewed the first one returns to analyse the improvements… Thinking back on my review of the first Five Nights At Freddy’s, the thought occurs that I ...

        • Game Review

          The magic of video games – Reader’s Feature

          GTA Online – helping to ensure a merry ChristmasA reader recalls his first Christmas with a new console and how video games can entertain the whole family, and GTA-loving dads. I know Christmas can be a difficult time for many people, not just because of the pressure we are under to visit a...

          • Game Review

            What have Nintendo ever done for us? – Reader’s Feature

            Where would gaming be without Nintendo?A reader tries to list all of Nintendo’s hardware innovations over the years, as he charts their influence over the whole of console gaming. In the comments section the other day someone wrote, and I paraphrase here: “It doesn’t matter what...

            • Game Review

              The falling standards of publishers and gamers – Reader’s Feature

              Battlefield 4 – maybe the next one will workA reader argues that the recent increase in unfinished games is not just the fault of publishers but gamers that just can’t say no, including himself… This is something that has been on my mind for a while, and after reading GameCentr...

              • Game Review

                The resplendent perfection of Bayonetta 2 – Reader’s Feature

                Bayonetta 2 – already making an impressionA reader gets rather carried away with his love of Platinum Games’ instant classic, and its masterclass in action gameplay. The shadow remains cast! Bayonetta, oh Bayonetta, how you enrapture me so! What a truly remarkable game Bayonetta 2 is,...

                • Game Review

                  The unconventional sadness of Persona 4 Golden – Reader’s Feature

                  Persona 4 – nothing lasts foreverA reader explains his love for the classic Persona 4, and his unexpected reasons for getting so emotional during its ending. There are perhaps hundreds of games that have had their chance to make me feel a bittersweet sadness. Many trespass overtly into the ...

                  • Game Review

                    Why I regret buying a PS4 – Reader’s Feature

                    Do you have buyer’s remorse?A reader who switched from being an Xbox 360 owner last gen to PS4 this gen explains why he thinks Sony has let him down. A common question in the GC Inbox is the age old ‘Which console do I buy?’ and as a former Xbox 360 player who went Sony this gen...

                    • Game Review

                      Whatever happened to video games for kids? – Reader’s Feature

                      Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare – does the rating attract or discourage kids?A reader worries that almost all the big name games this year are 18-rated, and that the market for kids video games has all but disappeared. Looking at all the games out in time for this holiday season I noticed Ca...

                      • Game Review

                        Saving is cheating – Reader’s Feature

                        XCOM: Enemy Within – is Iron Man the only way to play?A reader is surprised to find that his refusal to use multiple saves, and his willingness to make games harder for himself, is not the norm. As with many, I find my game time squeezed. Now I have to balance work and family, which means t...