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    • renuka devi

      Fuse Streamlines Your Social Networking Into One Mobile App

      Fuse, a new mobile application that aggregates your social networking activity into one “fused” feed that you can then interact with, search, reply to and more, recently got an overhaul making it a more stable product — and one that’s now ready for the forthcoming iOS 7 op...

      Tags: Tech News, Apps, Mobile, Social, Startups, TC, FUSE, social, App

      • renuka devi

        Why brands are getting it wrong on social media

        You’ve created a Facebook page, but have you created a brand? So you’ve created a Facebook page and opened up a Twitter account. You’re posting there daily but not growing your customers. What’s wrong? Not what you expected? In the world of social media, it is important t...

        Tags: Facebook, Brand, Business, social, Social Media, Tech News

        • renuka devi

          Topsy lets you search tweets from 2006, look up old cringeworthy posts

          Next time you're feeling nostalgic and want to peruse old Twitter posts -- such as in 2006, when Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status -- you might want to pay Topsy a visit. The social search engine, which could previously look for posts up until 2010, has expanded its archives to include t...

          Tags: Tech News, search, searchengine, social, SocialNetworking, topsy, twitter

          • renuka devi

            GetGlue for iPhone's redesigned TV guide adds VOD and streaming video listings

            GetGlue is continuously massaging its socially connected app for TV watchers, and the latest update reflects some of the ways TV viewership is changing. Like Foursquare's recent changes, after an initial focus on check-ins and sharing, the new updates are all about helping users figure out what...

            Tags: Tech News, directv, getglue, guide, hdpostcross, mobilepostcross, netflix, social, socialnetworking, streaming

            • renuka devi

              Phonebloks: a utopian world where smartphones are a bit more like Lego

              We hate to open too negatively here, but let's just say that this seems like one of those ideas that's just too good to be true. But heck, much stranger things have happened in the world of consumer electronics, and certainly the maker and crowdfunding communities have gone a ways toward helpin...

              Tags: Tech News, crowdfunding, mobilepostcross, phoneblok, social

              • renuka devi

                Iran seemingly lifts restrictions on Facebook and Twitter access

                It hasn't been outrightly confirmed by the government of Iran, but at least some within the nation's borders are now able to access to both Twitter and Facebook. For those keeping score, public access to the networks has been banned since 2009, shortly after the reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadineja...

                Tags: Tech News, communication, facebook, freedom, internet, iran, Net Neutrality, NetNeutrality, social, social network, social networking, SocialNetwork, SocialNetworking, twitter

                • renuka devi

                  Google Search adds support for hashtags, pulls related info from Google+

                  The latest way Google is working social media into its search engine is with the use of familiar hashtags, but at least for now that doesn't include direct results from competitors like Facebook and Twitter. Available initially to users in the US and Canada, searches that include hashtags (like...

                  Tags: Tech News, google, googleplus, hashtags, search, social, socialnetworking

                  • renuka devi

                    Twitter scores NFL deal to showcase Sunday's finest instant replay material

                    Following a similar deal in May with the NBA, Twitter's Amplify program has landed an envy-inducing arrangement with the National Football League. As part of the new advertising partnership, the NFL will leverage Twitter to "package in-game highlights and other video content" inside sponsored t...

                    Tags: Tech News, ads, advertising, amplify, football, hdpostcross, highlights, instant replay, InstantReplay, nfl, social, social media, social networking, SocialMedia, SocialNetworking, sport, sports, twitter

                    • renuka devi

                      Spotify's 'Follow' button lets you recruit listeners from any webpage

                      Looking to tempt others to check out your Spotify tracks? Before, any interaction with other users or artists had to be done within the various desktop and mobile apps, but there's now another option: you can embed a 'Follow' button into any website. The idea is to make it easier to promote you...

                      Tags: Tech News, follow, playlists, social, socialnetworking, spotify

                      • renuka devi

                        TuneIn Radio Quietly Launches Voice-Based Social Networking App “OpenMic,” Aimed At College Students

                        TuneIn has a good thing going with its popular online radio service, which now sees over 40 million monthly listeners, so why is the company veering into voice-based social networking? Yes, voice-based. A new mobile app called “TuneIn OpenMic” has appeared on the iTunes App Store, off...

                        Tags: Tech News, Apps, Mobile, TC, TuneIn, tunein radio, voice, audio, social, social networking, mobile messaging