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Results for "Social media marketing"


    • AEL DATA

      Digital Era - Social Media for your business growth

      Social media just not serve as a platform to market your product or service it serves as a way to get connected with each and every customer of yours.

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      • renuka devi

        Tailwind Buys PinReach As Pinterest Analytics Startups Consolidate

        When Pinterest frenzy was at a peak (adding users in record numbers; $1.5b valuation), and before Pinterest started to roll out its own tools for marketers, a rush of startups emerged that third parties could use to track how popular pins were across the network and related details. Now, some new...

        Tags: Tech News, Advertising Tech, Fundings & Exits, Social, Startups, TC, tailwind, pinreach, Pinterest, social media marketing

        • renuka devi

          Oracle Buys Compendium, A Content Marketing Startup, To Build Up Its Arsenal Against Frenemy Salesforce

          On the heels of its $871 million acquisition of Eloqua in December 2012, today Oracle is sailing into another acquisition in the cloud-based marketing space in competition with Salesforce and others. It is buying Compendium, a six-year-old startup that, out of Indianapolis and largely bootstrappe...

          Tags: Tech News, Advertising Tech, Enterprise, Fundings & Exits, Social, TC, oracle, compendium, salesforce, eloqua, content marketing, social media marketing

          • Remona Jabar

            How Social Media Help To Grow Real Estate Business - Remona Jabar

            Remona jabar describe the importance social media in business marketing.Social media help to boost your business development. Remona jabar is currently owner of income property showcase,organization deal in real estate in toledo,ohio,united state.

            Tags: social media marketing, business development, remona jabar, real estate

            • SocialXpand

              Socialxpand-Expert in Social Media Management

              Social Media Management is the act of tracking and taking part in social discussions across systems. The most convenient way to perspective social media management is to consider that it contains 3 significant social media disciplines: social hearing, social statistics, and social involvement. &...

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              • SocialXpand Contract

                Socialxpand | Your work is perfect without complaints

                This post is about social media marketing and its facts to work with without complaints.

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                • Alice Stirrat

                  Aware About Affiliate Marketing Strategies

                  Alice Stirrat is experienced in providing outsourced affiliate management services and has the resources to make a program successful. She also expert in utilize one or many of the various online marketing types including SEO, PPC and Social Media. They are only paid on conversions (sales or lead...

                  Tags: Affiliate Marketing, Alice stirrat, social media marketing, E- commerce, Hong Kong

                  • renuka devi

                    New app brings Likemind-ed people together

                    A new iOS application is bringing people with common interests together through rather simple and traditional methods. The app Likemind allows users to tear off virtual tabs from virtual flyers that other users post. While this is quite a few steps ahead of walking around the neighborhood with a...

                    Tags: Lifestyle, android, app store, Badoo, Highlight, iOS, Jens-Philipp Klein, Likemind, Social media marketing, Tech News

                    • SocialXpand Contract

                      SocialXPand Contarct | How Can We Enhance The Web Security

                      SocialXpand is an incredible Social Media Marketing organization, in which all the talented group attempts to down the objections, negative audit. They likewise work for rank positive audits for the new work contract. Every one of the works is associated with Digital showcasing and Social media a...

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                      • Charles Zakarin

                        Charles Zakarin is an expert and marketing consultant

                        Charles Zakarin is a nice person and a very good marketing and online reputation management, consultant. He has skills to prove that.

                        Tags: Charles Zakarin, Online Reputation, social media, Social media marketing, Digital marketing