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    • Entertainer

      Frailty Movie Review – Small Town Psychosis at its Finest

      You might have never been to America but you already have an idea what it’s like. And am not talking about how Times Square looks on New Year’s Eve. I am talking about its interiors. The small town America. The home of the American dream. The house with the white picket fence. All in ...

      Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Bill Paxton, Blue Velvet, David Lynch, Debutant Director, Horror, Lion Gates Film, Matt O'Leary, Matthew McConaughey, Movie Review, Stephen King

      • Entertainer

        Misery: Freakishly Frightening Thriller

        It is a known fact that Stephen King is a Hollywood favorite. Almost 50 of his novels have been adapted to screenplays (I’m not counting the numerous TV adaptations) over the last 27 years!! Misery was adapted for film in 1990 and remains one of the few Stephen King works to make the transi...

        Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Movies, Hollywood, James Caan, Kathy Bates, Lauren Bacall, Misery, Misery Movie Review, Rob Reiner, Stephen King