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    • Meril Jeffery John.J

      Tech News

      This Set Contains All about Technical Stuffs & Technical news..

      Tags: Tech news, Technology

      • renuka devi

        Uh oh. Reddit got a hold of a hi-res Kim Jong-un photo.

        Now they’ve gone and done it. The Supreme Leader of North Korea is already a loose canon with plans for taking out Colorado Springs, TX. Now he’ll have even more of a reason to hate America once he sees how his glorious portrait has been masterfully manipulated by the front page of t...

        Tags: Offbeat, Asia, Colorado Springs, Kim Jong, Kim Jong-un, Nicolas Cage, North Korea, reddit, United States, Tech News

        • renuka devi

          The current (and future) status of driverless cars

          We’ve seen them in movies for half a century. The concept cars have been popping up for decades. Some of you might have even seen a driverless car on the road. When are they going to become mainstream? To understand the future, it’s important to understand the past. The technology is...

          Tags: Lifestyle, autos, driverless car, future, Google, Google driverless car, Jerry Brown, Recreation, Resolution Foundation, Tech News

          • renuka devi

            YouTube stars, then and now

            YouTube makes stars out of ordinary people. It happens every day. In many cases, it’s not intentional, such as with the case of Antoine Dodson and the bedroom intruder. Others such as Jenna Marbles did exactly what they hoped to do – get on YouTube and find an audience for their vide...

            Tags: Offbeat, Antoine Dodson, Google, Jenna Marbles, Marbles, Video hosting service, youTube, Tech News

            • renuka devi

              Be thankful about real life on social media

              Businesses are starting to get it. They once saw social media as a channel like many others through which they could broadcast their message. When that didn’t work, they shifted to using it as a branding tool only. When that wasn’t effective, they started communicating with people. B...

              Tags: Facebook, Business, linkedin, Marketing and Advertising, Small business, Social Media, social network, Twitter, Tech News

              • renuka devi

                All Yahoo email accounts will be scanned starting Monday

                If you avoided Gmail and stuck with Yahoo mail for the sake of privacy concerns, it’s time to find a new provider. Starting Monday, June 3, classic email will be discontinued and users will have to accept the new terms of service that require that content of all emails are scanned. Accordi...

                Tags: Lifestyle, gmail, privacy, Privacy Policy, Targeted advertising, Techcrunch, Terms of Service, yahoo, Yahoo Mail, Tech News

                • renuka devi

                  Handshake Is A Personal Data Marketplace Where Users Get Paid To Sell Their Own Data

                  They don’t go around shouting about it but most Internet companies make money off user data — either by selling the specifics of individuals’ digital activity to interested companies, or by bundling up multiple users’ data into quasi-anonymised business intelligence and fl...

                  Tags: Tech News, eCommerce, Europe, Startups, TC, handshake, personal data marketplace, market research

                  • renuka devi

                    YouTube’s 8-year anniversary: the evolution into a major media giant

                    Since 2005, YouTube has transformed itself from a small website where the average person could share home videos to the MTV of the 21st century. Its first video was uploaded by YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim in April of 2005. It showed that the site was originally meant for amateurs to post vide...

                    Tags: Lifestyle, Carly Rae Jepsen, Google, Jawed Karim, justin bieber, MTV, nbc, Shaquille O'Neal, youTube, Tech News

                    • renuka devi

                      Google I/O 2013 in a nutshell

                      Not everyone gets to go to the Google I/O conference. Thankfully, there is plenty of coverage and tons of blog posts that have us covered. For those who want a brief breakdown of the important components, here’s a breakdown from Trend Blog.   Google Play game services Features to incl...

                      Tags: Google, android, app store, Cross-platform, Google I/O, Graphics Interchange Format, iOS, Tech News

                      • renuka devi

                        Ground-breaking technology to reduce shocking US burglary figures

                        It’s an unfortunate and startling statistic: by the time you’ve finished reading this opening paragraph, someone in the US will have become a victim of burglary. That’s because, according to figures recently released by My Protection Link, a home is broken into, on average, eve...

                        Tags: Lifestyle, burglary, CCTV, dropbox, Google Drive, iPad, Physical security, Technology, United States, Tech News