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    • Samuel Nathan Kahn

      Samuel Nathan Kahn - 5 Ways to Become a Better Content Writer

      Samuel Nathan Kahn is a well known writer, publisher in UK working in the field for 7 years. He had worked so well in the field and earned a lot of followers. Using my knowledge of the printing industry and my educational background in business.

      Tags: Samuel Nathan Kahn, printing industr, social media, content writer

      • Samuel Nathan Kahn

        Samuel Nathan Kahn - Introduction to Content Writing

        Content is created to fulfill a particular purpose and if it fails to reach the spectators at the right time it loses its value. The most common reason behind the failure of a content is its quality says, Samuel Nathan Kahn. Today, every individual is trying to write more valuable and inve...

        Tags: Content Marketing, Samuel Nathan Kahn, content quality, content writer