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    • renuka devi

      It’s a SaaS world

      Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is cited as 82% of today’s cloud investments, and is the deployment model for 84% of new applications, so what is SaaS? SaaS is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider, and made available to customers over ...

      Tags: Software, Application programming interface, Business, cloud computing, E-commerce, infographic, NASDAQ, SaaS, salesforce,, service, Services, Tech News

      • renuka devi

        An exploration of eCommerce

        Most people who are interested in starting their own companies are focused on building a successful track record that will allow them to stay in business long term. One of the main reasons why there are so many people that choose not to follow these dreams and turning them into realities is beca...

        Tags: Technology, Business, E-commerce, ecommerce, Electronic commerce, Facebook, online shopping, Small business, Small Business Administration, Tech News

        • Power Sellers Center

          Power Sellers Center | Ways to Earn Money Online

          "Power sellers Center" The internet is wealth creating resource.  It has made millionaires of countless individuals who have found ways of providing products/services via the internet.  This site is for e-marketers and future or home-based business owners.  Here you&rsquo...

          Tags: Power sellers Center, Power seller Center, E-commerce, E-learning, Education

          • Power Sellers Center

            Power Sellers Center | Web & Also Interact

            This Pinterest board is dedicated to Power Sellers Center students and alumni. We share eCommerce finds about the web and also interact with each other here ...  

            Tags: Power Sellers Center, Power Seller Center, E-commerce, E-learning, Education

            • Power Sellers Center


              They not only teach, but provide access to the Power Sellers Center Product Sourcing Directory. This provides Power Sellers Center student’s access to more than 7,000 suppliers. These are wholesalers, drop shippers, market retailers, Chinese, liquidation, and exporters. ...

              Tags: power Sellers Center, power Seller Center, E-commerce, E-learning, e-readers, Education

              • Power Sellers Center

                Newbie to this forum | Power Sellers Center

                Hello everyone, I'm a  Power Sellers Center student and I just joined this forum. It was recommended that I do so by another student. I have seen a lot of interesting stuff here. I hope to be able to participate in discussions and offer my input as well!

                Tags: power Sellers Center, power Seller Center, E-commerce, E-Learning Services, e-reader, education

                • renuka devi

                  ShopPad Raises $500K To Instantly Turn Online Shops Into iPad-Friendly Websites

                  ShopPad, an e-commerce platform that turns retailers’ desktop websites into tablet-optimized experiences, is today announcing $500,000 in seed funding for its software-as-a-service technology now used by more than 10,000 online merchants. Angels in the round include Mashery co-founder and C...

                  Tags: Tech News, eCommerce, Fundings & Exits, Mobile, Startups, TC, shoppad, retailers, shopping, e-commerce, m-commerce, ipad shopping

                  • renuka devi

                    PayPal revamping its policies to better support crowdfunding

                    PayPal's commerce system wasn't built for crowdfunding, and that has created problems for some startups -- the company recently (if briefly) froze $45,000 of Mailpile's assets, for example. The PayPal team is determined to set things right, however, and just announced that it's reworking its po...

                    Tags: Tech News, crowdfunding, e-commerce, ebay, escrow, internet, mailpile, paypal

                    • renuka devi

                      Nifti Brings Its Smart Shopping Wishlist And Price Tracker To iPhone

                      Nifti, a Google Ventures-backed shopping startup which first debuted its price tracking and alerts service this summer, is today making the move to mobile. The company is launching its iOS application by the same name, while also offering a slightly different take from what Nifti does online. On ...

                      Tags: Tech News, Apps, eCommerce, Mobile, Startups, TC, nifti, e-commerce, shopping

                      • renuka devi

                        Walmart Expands Same-Day Grocery Delivery To Denver

                        Walmart today announced its plans to expand its same-day grocery delivery service, a part of its “Walmart To Go” offering, to a new market: Denver, Colorado. This move follows the company’s ongoing grocery delivery tests which have been taking place over the last couple of years...

                        Tags: Tech News, eCommerce, TC, Walmart, delivery, same day, groceries, grocery, e-commerce