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    • Sofi

      who is the best hollywood actress in this year ?

      Tags: hollywood

      • renuka devi

        Avoid Star Trek spoilers at all costs

        There hasn’t been a movie since The Sixth Sense that had more potential for disaster than Star Trek: Into Darkness. No, Spock doesn’t see dead people, but that doesn’t take away for the desperate need to avoid that annoying co-worker who loves to talk about the movie he watched...

        Tags: Offbeat, film, hollywood, J. J. Abrams, Rotten Tomatoes, Sixth Sense, Spock, star trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Tech News

        • renuka devi

          Background video technology brings the world to Hollywood

          We’ve all seen the shots in sci-fi movies where the background was obviously manufactured. Background fill video technology is nothing new with green screens being the predominant type in Hollywood and around the world. What many don’t realize is that many of the television shows tha...

          Tags: Technology, Academy Award, Arts, Chroma key, film, hollywood, Lincoln Memorial, Television program, Visual effects, Tech News

          • renuka devi

            5 things American Idol can teach businesses about social media

            There are a lot of ways that Hollywood has changed the way we use the internet. On one side, the internet is an incredible well of knowledge and innovation, a place of creativity, inspiration, and easy communication. There is no question that the internet has, for better or for worse, morphed th...

            Tags: Technology, American Idol, Business, Facebook, hollywood, marketing, MySpace, Social Media, Television program, Twitter, Tech News

            • renuka devi

              Homemade GoPro array mixes action sports with Matrix camera work

              What happens when you combine 15 GoPro cameras, some talented extreme athletes, and a ton of ingenuity? You get The Matrix, only without guns or metallic insects bent on destroying humanity. The fact that the effects aren’t as fluid or smooth as the Hollywood version of the multi-angle cin...

              Tags: Technology, Arts, Bullet time, camera, GoPro, hollywood, Matrix, photography, youTube, Tech News

              • Manish Bansal Jacksonville Fl

                Manish Bansal Jacksonville Fl

                Favourite Movies: hollywood

                • Kate Smith

                  These 31 Questions Will Break the Ice with Absolutely Anyone: a Hollywood Star, a Head of State, the CEO or the Cute Person Sitting Next to You on the Train

                  It's your lucky day. You won the big game or gave a stellar performance or saved the puppy from the fire. And to honor your accomplishment, now you're being introduced to someone special and famous, and you're going to have a chance to have a private conversation with him/her. Read Mo...

                  Tags: creative, creativity, Music, Performance, Questions, hollywood, ceo, communication, employee communication

                  • Scott Vancea

                    Scott Vancea-Homicide Hunter: Lt. joe Kenda TV Series

                    Homicide Hunter is an American crime documentary TV series by Scott Vancea which airs on Investigation Discovery(ID) television network.

                    Tags: Homicide Hunter, hollywood, TV Series

                    • Scott Vancea

                      Scott Vancea-Hollywood Stunt Actor

                      Scott Vancea, the most popular hollywood actor in America, graduated from Lori Pearlstein Acting School, Toronto. He is very famous for his street plays during his college days.

                      Tags: scott vancea, actor, hollywood

                      • Entertainer

                        Man of Steel(2013) Imax 3D – Movie Review

                        Hollywood Studios seem to have found a formula to mint money, which is to make movies based on comic book superheroes. In the past, Hollywood had produced many Superhero movies, but the success of Spider-Man changed the way Hollywood looks at these films. Suddenly Hollywood realized wasting time ...

                        Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Hollywood, Reviews, Christopher Nolan, Diane Lane, Harry Potter, Henry Cavill, Lord of The Rings, Man of Steel, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Spider-Man, Superman Super-Man, The Dark Knight, Warner Brothers, zack snyder