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    • Solomon Victor


      NCsoft: NCsoft is a leading developer and publisher of online games. A gaming powerhouse with a global reach, the company was founded In 1997 in Seoul, South Korea. Today NCsoft Is homo...

      • Meril Jeffery John.J

        Our Lady of Snows Kallikulam shrine

        About: Our Lady of Snows Kallikulam shrine is one of the prominent Marian shrines in India. It is located at Tirunelveli district in the state Tamilnadu of India. In...usands of people of all faiths, from all over India,...

        • Meril Jeffery John.J

          Indian Republic Day

          India gained its independence on 15 August 1947, after which the 1930 when the Declaration of Indian Independence was passed. in New Delhi, the capital of India, beginning from Raisina Hill...decorations. The President of India, who...schools and cultural dances In India,...

          • Evince Development

            eCommerce Development Services in India

            With many eCommerce development platforms available in the mark...l their products and services online. E-Commerce is a field that r...ces you need to be successful online. We've worked on hundreds of eCommerce Developers in India, serving international clients...

            • Meril Jeffery John.J

              Mars Orbiter Mission

              The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), informally called ...n 5 November 2013 by the Indian Space Research Organisation&...p;The Mars Orbiter Mission is India's first interplanetary missio...ust 2012, after the Indian Space Research Organisation&...a single bus ride for each of India's po...

              • Evince Development

                Website Design Services Company in India

                Website Design Services We at Evince Development will help your business to reach its potential by web development. With help of website development we will...

                • Meril Jeffery John.J

                  Thomas the Apostle

                  Thomas the Apostle, sometimes informally called Doubting Tho...le reached Muziris, India in 52 AD and baptized Saint Thomas Christians of India. Gospel Account's On Thomas:...Chennai (Madras) in India, to the city of Edessa&n...erala State in southwest India, tho...

                  • Meril Jeffery John.J

                    Red Fort

                    The Red Fort was the residence of the Mughal emperors of India for nearly 200 years, until 1857. It...The Red Fort is an iconic symbol of India. On Independence Day, the pri...s upper storey is now occupied by the Indian War...e Jami'- Masjid the largest mosque in India,...

                    • Meril Jeffery John.J

                      Nathuram Godse

                      Nathuram Vinayak Godse (19 May 1910 – 15 November 1949...he pre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India and apostle of non-viole...ancient and modern history of India and some prominent countries...stroyed the Muslim tyranny in India . It...

                      • Meril Jeffery John.J


                        Taxila, Sanskrit Takshashila,  ancient city of nor...rade routes: one from eastern India, described by the Greek write...a is known from references in Indian and Greco-Roman literary sou...a, its first ruler. The great Indian epic Mahabharata w...der Cunningham, the father of Indian arc...