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Results for "investing"


    • renuka devi

      Pinterest $2.5 billion valuation actually makes sense

      Those who follow my cynical posts about over-inflated social site valuations know that it’s hard for me to agree with numbers. I giggled when Facebook hit $70 billion before going public at much higher. I stared in disbelief when Google offered $6 billion for Groupon then realized that I h...

      Tags: Offbeat, Business, investing, pinterest, venture capital, Tech News

      • renuka devi

        Will Apple stock fall below $400?

        If you would have asked any stock analyst in the world back in September when Apple shares were sitting at $705 if shares had a chance of falling below $400 within six months, they would have admonished you for being a moron. It wasn’t going to happen. It couldn’t. Now that we’...

        Tags: Apple, Business, David Einhorn, Google, investing, iPhone, September, Steve Jobs, Tech News

        • Ivan Cavric

          Contrarian Investing/Ivan Cavric

          Contrarian Investing What does 'Contrarian' mean Contrarian is an investing style that goes against succeed market trends by buying poorly performing resource and then selling when they perform well. A contrarian investor believes the people who say the market is going up do so only...

          Tags: Contrarian, investing, Buisness, marketing, Finance, Ivan Cavric

          • Ivan Cavric

            Contrarian Investing

            Tags: Ivan-cavric, Buisness, Contraian, investing

            • Randon James Morris

              Randon Morris | Real Estate Investing Terms And Formulas

              Randon James Morris : Understanding the real estate investing terms and formulas is extremely helpful for brokers, agents and investors who want to service or acquire real estate investment properties.

              Tags: randon james morris, randon morris, real estate, investing, terms, formulas

              • Will Monroe Dallas

                Real Estate Investing Terms For Beginners

                William Monroe Bisanz is in the News of entrepreneurial-minded executive extremely experienced in financial services. Will Monroe Dallas encountered far too many colleagues and real estate investors that had little-to-no understanding about the real estate investing terms, rates of return and...

                Tags: will monroe dallas, william monroe bisanz, real estate, investing, terms, beginners

                • sirashleyharrisonattorney

                  4 Pros To Investing In Vacation Homes in North Carolina

                  There are many different kinds of investing – from rehabs to rentals… and even to vacation homes. If you are thinking about what kind of real estate investing you want to get involved with, one option to consider is to rent out vacation homes to people on vacation. Here are...

                  Tags: sir ashley harrison attorney, real estate, vacation homes, investing

                  • Norman Brodeur

                    Tips for Investing in Business Startups

                    Norman Brodeur is great entrepreneur, as a member of private capital network (PCN) & archangel Global Investors, norman aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop their passion.

                    Tags: Investing, Business, entrepreneur, Global Investors, Norman Brodeur

                    • sirashleyharrisonattorney

                      Investing In Real Estate With Your IRA - Sir Ashley Harrison

                      As you know, real estate is at a 30 year low right now in many markets.  Recently all over Wall Street Journal, New York Times.

                      Tags: Real Estate, Investing, Sir Ashley Harrison, IRA