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    • renuka devi

      Behind Israel’s Iron Dome technology

      As tensions continue to rise in the Middle East and particularly at the Syrian/Israeli border, the Iron Dome is back in the news. Israel has moved more batteries to the northern border in case Syria launches a counter-attack for recent attacks made on weapons intended for use by Hezbollah. How d...

      Tags: Technology, Ashkelon, Hezbollah, Iron Dome, israel, Middle East, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Syria, United States, Tech News

      • Meril Jeffery John.J

        Birthplace of Apostle Peter found in Israel: archaeologist

        Researchers may have found the home town of Peter and two other apostles of Jesus near the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel, an archaeologist said Monday. Israeli and American archaeologists have likely uncovered the lost Roman city of Julias near the banks of the lake, also known as Lake Tib...

        Tags: israel, archaeology, jesus, apostles of jesus, julias, sea of galilee, lake tiberias, bethsaid, saint peter, christians, catholics, Catholics

        • renuka devi

          NSA shared raw intelligence with Israel with no legal limits regarding its use

          It's no secret that the United States and Israel have a very special relationship, but it might come as an unpleasant surprise that the NSA's intelligence-sharing agreement has so few strings attached. Today's edition of What-Has-the-NSA-Done-This-Time is brought to you by The Guardian, which r...

          Tags: Tech News, data, government, intelligence, IntelligenceSharing, Israel, NSA, USA