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Results for "management"


    • Nicole Desharnais

      Importance of Intellectual Property Management - Nicole Desharnais

      Nicole Desharnais shared the strategic importance of intellectual property management and patents and why any original product, service or idea needs one.

      Tags: Nicole Desharnais, Importance, Intellectual Property, Management

      • David Ovist

        David Ovist

        Skills: David Ovist, Soccer Coach, David Ovist Soccer Coach, Strategic Planning, Management, Coaching

        • David Ovist

          David Ovist Has Achieved Success in Soccer Game

          David Ovist is an extremely dedicated professional and goes above and beyond in order to complete projects on schedule and to achieve the high level of quality.

          Tags: David Ovist, Soccer Coach, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Investments, Sales, Management, Coaching

          • Ivan Cavric

            About Modern Management Techniques by Ivan-Cavric

            Management Techniques Management techniques are not small-phrase devise used to move worker, but rather viable methods of control that help to develop a productive working. Being an productive manager requires incident in your industry and experience with differ board ability. Management te...

            Tags: Ivan-cavric, Buisness, management, techniques

            • Mayor Larry Guidi

              Mayor Larry Guidi | What Is Real Estate & Make a Money in Real Estate Business | Mayor Larry Guidi |

              Meaning of Real Estate By Larry Guidi Real estate is property contain of land & the buildings on it as well as the natural resources of the land including uncultivated flora and fauna, farmed harvest and livestock, water and minerals. Although media usually refers to the "real estate&...

              Tags: Mayor Larry Guidi, Mayorlarryguidi, larry guidi, larryguidi, Real Estate, Realestate, private sector, experience in international trade, investments, property, construction, management, business, Hawthorne City, Council Member, Real Estate Business, Make a Money

              • Randon James Morris

                key to Success in Management Consulting

                Randon Morris : In the management consulting field, there are two types of interviews: behavioral (or fit) interviews and case interviews. In the former, interviewers ask situational questions to gauge the applicant’s interpersonal, communication and stress management capability.

                Tags: Randon Morris, business, management, success factor, key

                • Randon James Morris

                  Management Consulting Key Success Factors

                  Randon Morris - Some management consulting firms, such as McKinsey and Bain, weed out applicants through testing. Some administer verbal and numerical reasoning tests but others include personality tests, too.

                  Tags: randon morris, management, success key, business development

                  • Randon James Morris

                    Randon James Morris Professional Financial Planner

                    Randon Morris Professional Financial Planner For Your Business Financial management is one of the most important aspects of any business.

                    Tags: randon james morris, randon morris, professional, financial planner, management

                    • Kate Smith

                      How to Prepare Managers to Communicate Change

                      Your role as a communicator is to keep managers in the loop, so they’re ready to share information and respond to employees. Here are three ways to help managers succeed in this important communication role when it comes to change management

                      Tags: management, Change Communication, managers, communication