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Results for "management"


    • Sameer Mitter

      how do you become an it project manager - Sameer Mitter

      As an IT project manager, Sameer Mitter is a specialist billed with managing the procedure of planning, executing and assigning the responsibilities around an organization's information technology activities and desired goals.

      Tags: Sameer Mitter, IT project manager, Project Manager, Project Management, Business, Management

      • Mark Lizotte Massachusetts

        Mark Lizotte Massachusetts gives the Information About the Accounting and its Advantages

        Accounting is to perfectly create an organization's final financial records for a particular period. Mark Lizotte Massachusetts gives the information about the accounting and its advantages. An important advantage of accounting information over other types of details is that it is based on nu...

        Tags: Mark Lizotte Massachusetts, Accounting, bookkeeping, business, Management, advantages of accounting

        • Brad Snapir

          Brad Snapir - CEO at Refined Remodels

          As the CEO, your duties include creating and implementing high-level approaches, producing major business choices, handling the entire procedures and assets of a company.

          Tags: Brad Snapir, CEO, Management, Remodeling, contractor, Los Angeles, CA, United States

          • Mark Lizotte Massachusetts

            Mark Lizotte Massachusetts - Accounting and Bookkeeping Basics

            Mark Lizotte Massachusetts provides accounting and bookkeeping services. Bookkeeping is responsible for the documenting of financial transactions. Accounting is responsible for interpretation, identifying, examining, confirming and summarizing financial data.

            Tags: Mark Lizotte Massachusetts, accounting, bookkeeping, accounting services, Bookkeeping Services, Planning, Management

            • Nicole Desharnais

              Importance of Intellectual Property Management - Nicole Desharnais

              Nicole Desharnais shared the strategic importance of intellectual property management and patents and why any original product, service or idea needs one.

              Tags: Nicole Desharnais, Importance, Intellectual Property, Management

              • Patrick Moallemian

                Ten strategies to fight the productivity-killers of Behavioral health

                We are present in a lifestyle that mostly disavows psychological health issues. By appropriately expressing your story in positive, practical ways, you not only take an important step toward recovery—you provide a vital ingredient in rewriting our social narrative of these problems.

                Tags: Patrick Moallemian, CEO, Westborough, Management, Behavioral Health, Massachusetts, United States, Boston

                • David Ovist

                  David Ovist

                  Skills: David Ovist, Soccer Coach, David Ovist Soccer Coach, Strategic Planning, Management, Coaching

                  • David Ovist

                    David Ovist Has Achieved Success in Soccer Game

                    David Ovist is an extremely dedicated professional and goes above and beyond in order to complete projects on schedule and to achieve the high level of quality.

                    Tags: David Ovist, Soccer Coach, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Investments, Sales, Management, Coaching

                    • AshSamadi

                      Essential skills for your carrier in construction by Ash Samadi

                      Ash Samadi company in Australia, Samadi Group share market knowledge in the areas of leasing, property management, land development, commercial area estate brokerage, acquisition, commercial lendin…

                      Tags: Ash Samadi, Management, DEVELOPMENT

                      • Kim Hanieph

                        Ways to Grow Brand Awareness by Raef Lawson

                        Involvement with the local partner is a great way to build brand awareness. According to Raef Lawson, you can sponsor local sports team and can also donate to charity events. Having your business plastered around different festivals and events will be great for your brand.

                        Tags: Brand Awareness, business, Management, marketing