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    • renuka devi

      Facebook video ads as an alternative to YouTube PPC

      A good place for video advertising is YouTube, for the obvious reason that people log on to YouTube in order to watch videos. It does not take Richard Dawkins to figure that one out. However, some people are suggesting that Facebook is the better option for video advertising because it has more ...

      Tags: Facebook, advertising, marketing, video, youTube, Tech News

      • renuka devi

        A case for posting lots of good content on your website

        Content speaks for itself. It speaks for a company. It speaks to the people. Most business websites are sorely short on content. Sure, they have sales content and information about the company, but so few today are actually putting out high-quality content about relevant topics that make their w...

        Tags: Offbeat, Business, content marketing, Facebook, Google, infographic, marketing, Social Media, Twitter, Web content, website, Tech News

        • renuka devi

          Social media is open 7 days a week

          Many businesses are trying and failing at social media. Some are succeeding. One of the keys to finding success is in taking on an “always open” mentality. Just like a website should always be on, social media requires constant attention, particularly Facebook. It doesn’t sleep...

          Tags: Offbeat, Facebook, marketing, Social Media, Tech News

          • renuka devi

            The social media lead generation horse race

            Those in social media marketing as a profession realize that there are certain unknowns when it comes to the new web. We know that people are on social media. We know that they don’t want direct marketing. We also know they’d rather get direct marketing than pay for the services, so ...

            Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Advertising and Marketing, Direct marketing, infographic, linkedin, marketing, Social Media, Tech News

            • renuka devi

              5 reasons that social media may never die

              “Never” is a bold word. It is absolute and endless. To say that something can never happen is one of the most ignorant things that someone can say (or blog) in public. Thankfully, I tempered my statement with the word, “may”. “Impossible” is word that is simil...

              Tags: Lifestyle, Business, Facebook, Internet Marketing, marketing, Marketing and Advertising, pinterest, Social Media, Twitter, Tech News

              • renuka devi

                The most important Facebook page tip that nobody’s telling businesses

                In one sentence, the advice that business owners and marketers need to hear is this: “Everything on your Facebook page should be centered around the real world.” No, I don’t mean the reality TV show that launched it all in 1992. When The Real World launched on MTV 27 seasons ag...

                Tags: Facebook, Business, Facebook features, Internet Marketing, marketing, Real World, Social Media, Twitter, Tech News

                • renuka devi

                  The most successful email subject line for Obama’s campaign was “hey”

                  President Obama’s successful re-election campaign last year was marked with many technological victories. They won most of the many battles on social media, held the attention of the media in a way that almost had the unbiased fabric of journalism tearing away to root for him, and dominate...

                  Tags: Offbeat, barack obama, Barack Obama presidential campaign 2008, Computer-mediated communication, email marketing, Fundraising, marketing, obama, White House, Tech News

                  • renuka devi

                    5 things American Idol can teach businesses about social media

                    There are a lot of ways that Hollywood has changed the way we use the internet. On one side, the internet is an incredible well of knowledge and innovation, a place of creativity, inspiration, and easy communication. There is no question that the internet has, for better or for worse, morphed th...

                    Tags: Technology, American Idol, Business, Facebook, hollywood, marketing, MySpace, Social Media, Television program, Twitter, Tech News

                    • renuka devi

                      For businesses, Facebook should be about what’s happening in the real world

                      One of the most important lessons you can learn in Facebook marketing for your business is that you can have a much greater impact on your performance online through Facebook by focusing on what’s happening in the real world. Facebook is virtual, but that doesn’t mean it has to focus...

                      Tags: Facebook, Business, linkedin, marketing, Marketing and Advertising, Social Media, Twitter, Web content, Tech News

                      • renuka devi

                        Why content is the pinnacle of online marketing

                        There’s a saying in online marketing that has been around for a while. “Content is king.” The truth is this – before the last year, it really wasn’t. Content has always been important, but it wasn’t until recent updates in Google and Facebook that content took...

                        Tags: Google, Bing, Business, Facebook, Internet Marketing, marketing, Online advertising, Twitter, Tech News