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    • Meer Janjua

      Meer janjua-Prolotherapy Specialist

      Prolotherapy, also called growth treatments are an injection-based treatment used in serious bone and joint conditions. It has been classified as an alternative healthcare practice.  

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      • Meer Janjua

        Meer Janjua-Male Practitioner Australia

        Doctors and surgeons identify and treat illnesses or injuries. Doctors examine patients; take medical histories; recommend medications; and order, perform, and understand tests.

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        • Meer Janjua

          Male physician- Meer Janjua

          Physicians are doctors who have completed further training in a medical care specialized to identify and manage complex healthcare conditions.  

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          • Meer Janjua

            Meer Janjua-best prolotherapy

            In prolotherapy treatment often used for back problems, a material is treated using a slimmer hook next to the site where smooth tissue (ligament, muscle, muscle, ligament, combined capsule) is harmed or has ripped away from the bone tissue.

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            • Meer Janjua

              MEER JANJUA-Prolotherapy physician

              Prolotherapy is surgery that energizes the body to fix agonizing, harmed areas. Meer janjua qualified under the one of the beginning Prolotherapy physicians.  

              Tags: meer janjua, mbbs, Male Practitioner, prolotherapy, biocellular regenerative, integrative medicine

              • Meer Janjua

                Meer Janjua- Male Practitioner at My Doctors Clinic

                My doctors clinic where Meer Janjua is working as a Male Practitioner, My doctors clinic provides high-quality healthcare in General Practice.

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                • Meer Janjua

                  Meer Janjua-Best sleeping positions to avoid back pain

                  Avoid aggravating back problems while you sleep. Get relaxed using these best sleeping positions.

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