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    • renuka devi

      Wind Mobile reportedly near acquiring Mobilicity's subscribers

      Mobilicity lost out on its chances of a rescue from either Telus or Verizon, and there's now talk that the ailing Canadian carrier has run out of options. The Financial Post claims that Wind Mobile has nearly completed a deal to acquire Mobilicity's cellular subscribers for little to no cash. ...

      Tags: Tech News, acquisition, canada, carrier, cellphone, minipost, mobilepostcross, mobilepostmini, mobilicity, windmobile, wireless

      • renuka devi

        Windows Phone Store passes 9 million daily transactions; targeted ads incoming

        The Windows Phone Store might not be as big as Apple's App Store or Google Play, but Redmond claims it's showing decent growth. According to WP Store General Manager Todd Brix, the platform has surpassed 9 million transactions of combined app and in-app purchases per day. That's a total of 270 ...

        Tags: Tech News, app, microsoft, mobilepostcross, WindowsPhone, WindowsPhoneStore

        • renuka devi

          Samsung Galaxy Note 3 makes official debut with 5.7-inch 1080p screen and faux-leather back, available September 25th

          Samsung's annual IFA presser is typically its Galaxy Note coming-out party and this year is no different. JK Shin, the Korean company's President and CEO, has just announced the line's latest addition: the Galaxy Note 3. With a renewed emphasis on how it feels in hand, Samsung has built this no...

          Tags: Tech News, GalaxyNote3, IFA2013, mobilepostcross, Note3, samsung

          • renuka devi

            Xiaomi Phone 3 makes early appearance on online store ahead of launch

            As this author was fiddling with his Xiaomi Phone 2S (or MI2S) in bed ahead of Xiaomi's big event tomorrow, he spotted something odd: a thumbnail of an unfamiliar device -- next to the entry-level Red Rice aka Hongmi -- in the company's online store app. Since it's a high-resolution image, we'r...

            Tags: Tech News, android, china, exclusive, featured, features, leak, mi3, mobilepostcross, phone, snapdragon800, xiaomi, xiaomiphone, xiaomiphone3

            • renuka devi

              Alcatel One Touch's Pop C-series line of budget phones hands-on

              Alcatel One Touch (that's all part of the company's full name, incidentally) clearly intended on making a big splash at this year's IFA. The company announced a number of relatively high-end handsets in Berlin this week, including the flashy Idol Alpha and the massive Idol Hero. But let's face ...

              Tags: Tech News, alcatel, alcatel one touch, AlcatelOneTouch, android, budget, c1, c3, c5, c7, ifa, ifa 2013, Ifa2013, mobilepostcross

              • renuka devi

                Maxthon browser to be preloaded in at least 100 million smartphones thanks to MediaTek partnership

                Though Maxthon launched its Android browser three years ago, it might not be the go-to app most users have when they get their brand new smartphone. That might change soon however, thanks to a recently announced partnership between the software company and RollTech, the value-added services arm...

                Tags: Tech News, android, maxthon, mediatek, minipost, mobilepostcross, mobilepostmini

                • renuka devi

                  Samsung Galaxy Gear apps include Path, Pocket, RunKeeper and more

                  Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch will launch with 70 native apps, and it turns out that there's quite a few heavy-hitters in that bunch. Path is available to share photos taken from the Gear's wriststrap; Pocket users, meanwhile, can have Gear read saved articles out loud. And fitness apps will...

                  Tags: Tech News, android, galaxygear, ifa, ifa2013, mobilepostcross, myfitnesspal, path, pocket, runkeeper, samsung, samsungunpacked2013, smartwatch, snapchat, unpacked2013, Unpacked2013Episode2

                  • renuka devi

                    Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch hands-on (video)

                    Wrist watches, smart or otherwise, are simply not for everyone -- there are more smartphone users in the world, many times over, than there will ever be smartwatch owners. Despite the limited market for such a device, however, Samsung's decided it's time to join in on the fun. The Galaxy Gear, ...

                    Tags: Tech News, hands-on, mobilepostcross, samsung, video

                    • renuka devi

                      Galaxy Note 3's new S View Cover lets you use the S Pen with the cover on

                      Samsung is launching a new S View Cover to go with its equally new Galaxy Note 3. The protector includes an extra-large window for controlling the smartphone while the cover is closed; you can even use the S Pen in this mode. The accessory will ship in a wide variety of colors, including season...

                      Tags: Tech News, android, galaxynote3, mobilepostcross, moschino, nicholaskirkwood, samsung, samsungunpacked2013, smartphone, sviewcover, unpacked2013, unpacked2013episode2

                      • renuka devi

                        ASUS refreshes its Fonepad 7 phone / tablet with dual speakers, we go ears-on (video)

                        Nothing like a leaked video to get you pumped about a product. Of course, we're not suggesting that ASUS went out of its way to post information about the forthcoming Fonepad 7, but either way, that teaser piqued our curiosity. Now that ASUS has officially unveiled the product here at IFA, thou...

                        Tags: Tech News, asus, asus fonepad, AsusFonepad, fonepad, fonepad 7, Fonepad7, hands-on, ifa, ifa 2013, Ifa2013, mobilepostcross, video