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    • Entertainer

      Vishwaroopam Movie Review: Much Ado Over Nothing

      I cannot but begin reviewing the movie without clearing the obvious, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can justify the umbrage and consequent banning of the movie in three states. Vishwaroopam, at its best, is a thriller that passes muster above the mediocre and would have been forgotten ...

      Tags: movie reviews, Featured, Movies, Afghanistan, Andrea Jeremiah, Kamal Haasan, Mahesh Narayanan, New York, Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose, Sanu Varghese, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Shekhar Kapur, Taliban, Tamil CInema, Vishwaroopam, Vishwaroopam Movie Review

      • renuka devi

        Floored Raises $5.26 Million To Make More 3D Scans For Real Estate With Its Kinect-Like Sensors

        New York-based startup Floored just closed a $5.26 million Series A funding round led by RRE Ventures to fuel its business. This round seems to be all about growth and going to the next level. Greycroft Partners also invested in today’s round, as well as existing investors Lehrer Ventures, ...

        Tags: Tech News, Fundings & Exits, Startups, TC, floored, New York

        • Jamel Gantt

          Jamel Gantt is very passionate about Real estate photography. His photos have received the acknowledgment from interior designers, architects, and builders

          Jamel Gantt specializes in real estate, architectural interior/exterior photography for real estate professionals based in New York. His photography has a unique way of telling a confidential story of each property, thereby attracting the interest of buyers. He offers services that include ...

          Tags: real estate, Jamel Gantt, photography, New York

          • Mendel Tevel

            An example of social work intervention Mendel Tevel who recently joined youth community as a supervisor

            An example of social work intervention Mendel Tevel who recently joined youth community as a supervisor of social services from New York, USA explains the social work process.

            Tags: youth community worker, Mendel Tevel, New York, Menachem Tewel, Case Manager, supervisor

            • Rema Rozay

              The Rema Rozay Shoot our Lifestyle in NY

              Rema Rozay presents luxury car services for the jet life edition.. we are providers of that upscale lifestyle for all your TV, movie or print editorials.  

              Tags: Rema Rozay, Luxury Car, Car Rental, New York

              • Dr. Jose Poulose

                Dr Jose Poulose - All About Depression and Suicide

                Although most persons who are stressed out do not kill themselves, untreated depressive disorders can maximize the risk of possible suicide.

                Tags: Dr Jose Poulose, Healthcare, medicine, New York, United States

                • Dr. Jose Poulose

                  Dr. Jose Poulose :: Echocardiogram and EKG

                  An echocardiogram is also known as an ultrasound scan of the heart, an echo, or sonar of the heart.

                  Tags: echocardiogram, Healthcare, heart, New York, United States, EKG

                  • Francisco Cortes

                    Francisco Cortes | A Popular Media Expert

                    We serve as a reliable and tactical counselor on messaging, reputation, media relations, video creation, and experiential advertising.  

                    Tags: Francisco Cortes, Fox News, The Setroc Group, President, New York, New Jersey, Co-Founder, United States

                    • renuka devi

                      White nose syndrome: the mysterious bat fungus that threatens entire species, everyone else

                      We know what it is. We know what it does. We have an idea of how it’s being spread. Despite a large number of concerned scientists focused on white nose syndrome (WNS), the bat fungus that is spreading rapidly and that has a 95% mortality rate, we still don’t know how it started, how...

                      Tags: Offbeat, Alabama, Atlantic Veterinary College, Bat, canada, new york, South Carolina, White nose syndrome, WNS, Tech News

                      • renuka devi

                        3 of the hottest tech innovations being used for the public sector

                        The advent of global and communications technologies has been at the forefront of business and consumer industries for years, allowing us to share data, ideas and collaborative tools instantly around the world. However, the private sector isn’t the only industry to be revolutionized by the...

                        Tags: Technology, Business, Child Protective Services, Civil service, communication, computing, flickr, Healthcare, new york, Tech News