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Results for "tv"


    • lizachang

      Samsung to Showcase 5.5-inch Flexible 720p AMOLED screens Display

      Samsung Mobile has stated that they will be showcasing a 5.5-inch flexible display with 720p resolution and 267ppi at CES 2013.Samsung is alleged to have plans unveiling a 4.99-inch 1080p screen with 440ppi at CES 2013.This is of course, not the first time that Samsung will be showing off it...

      Tags: technology news in malaysia, smartphone, tablet, samsung, tv, mobile phone, flexible displays, ces 2013, products review in malaysia

      • lizachang

        LG to Display 5.5-inch Full HD Display for Mobile Devices at CES 2013.

        LG Display just announced that it will be showcasing its latest innovations in display technology resolution and design.The company will be exhibiting a full HD 5.5-inch smartphone display with a pixel density of 403ppi, alongside a 7-inch tablet display with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels ...

        Tags: smartphone, laptop, notebook, lg, tablet, tv, ces 2013, technology news in malaysia, product reviews in malaysia

        • renuka devi

          Sony unveils the world's first curved LED TV: pre-orders open now for $4,000

          Sony didn't mention this during its IFA press event, but it just unveiled a big treat for home theater fans: meet the S990A, the world's first curved-screen LED TV. The introductory 65-inch, 1080p model uses the same color-rich Triluminos display technology that we've seen in Sony's recent TVs,...

          Tags: Tech News, curved, CurvedDisplay, hdpostcross, ifa, ifa2013, lcd, led, s990a, sony, television, triluminos, tv

          • renuka devi

            Target Ticket, Target's Video Download & Rental Service, Nears Launch

            Target’s answer to Walmart’s Vudu, Netflix, and iTunes, is preparing to launch. Employees at the Minneapolis-headquartered retailer were told this week that Target Ticket, as the service is called, will soon be offered to consumers, allowing them to rent and purchase digital copies of...

            Tags: Tech News, TC, Apps, movies, Target, tv

            • renuka devi

              Smart TV Alliance now lets developers submit apps once for use on all supported TVs

              The Smart TV Alliance wants apps that work across multiple platforms, but developers have so far had to submit those apps to each TV maker -- a process that can take ages. Things should speed up now that the Alliance has launched a Developer Support Program. From now on, software teams can send...

              Tags: Tech News, app, developer, developersupportprogram, hdpostcross, ifa, ifa2013, lg, panasonic, sdk, smarttv, smarttvalliance, toshiba, TpVision, tv

              • renuka devi

                Haier's new OLED TV is harder to push over than most

                Eye control is all well and good, but what Haier was really pumped about at this year's IFA was its new 55-inch OLED set. And, granted, the set is nice and thin at four millimeters, with a 1.5 millimeter bezel. What the company was really excited about, however, was the built-in stand. Yep, it'...

                Tags: Tech News, haier, hdpostcross, ifa 2013, Ifa2013, stand, tv

                • renuka devi

                  Haier shows off its latest eye-controlled TV at IFA, we go eyes-on, naturally

                  Let's face it, it wouldn't be a proper IFA if we didn't take some time out of our busy schedules to pop by Haier's booth for a little alternative TV action. In past years, we've seen gesture and mind control, transparent sets and, of course eye-control. The company's tweaked the latter a bit, h...

                  Tags: Tech News, eye-control, haier, hands-on, hdpostcross, ifa, ifa 2013, Ifa2013, tv

                  • renuka devi

                    Simple.TV reveals second-gen streaming DVR and Version 2.0 interface

                    Simple.TV's first streaming DVR had its rough edges, but the company is clearly willing to make improvements -- it just announced the second generation of its set-top box. The redesign is more flexible, sporting both a second tuner and compatibility with international broadcast standards like D...

                    Tags: Tech News, dvb-c, dvb-s2, dvb-t2, dvr, hdpostcross, hdpostmini, ifa, ifa2013, minipost, SetTopBox, silicondust,, streaming, tv, zenverge

                    • renuka devi

                      TiVo Network PVR puts Roamio recording technology in the cloud

                      However good TiVo's new Roamio DVRs may be, not everyone can justify purchasing them -- especially not TV providers that would have to buy in bulk. TiVo could make that experience more accessible with its just-unveiled Network PVR. The service (not yet pictured) puts the Roamio interface in the...

                      Tags: Tech News, cloud, dvr, hdpostcross, hdpostmini, minipost, networkpvr, pvr, roamio, streaming, television, tivo, tv

                      • renuka devi

                        YouTube testing Chromecast support for embedded videos

                        Anyone wanting to stream YouTube videos through a Chromecast currently has to visit YouTube's website or run one of its mobile apps. Viewers may soon have more options, though, as Google has confirmed to GigaOM that it's publicly testing Chromecast support for embedded YouTube clips on third-pa...

                        Tags: Tech News, chromecast, google, hdpostcross, internet, peripherals, streaming, television, tv, youtube