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    • renuka devi

      In an internet day…

      The internet. It has become such an integrated part of our lives that many do not spend more than a few waking hours without being connected in some way. We post to Facebook, check our emails, visit websites, read the news, and generally connect throughout much of our days. How does this transla...

      Tags: Technology, Facebook, Hostgator, infographic, Internet hosting service, Shutterstock, Social Media, social network, Web hosting service, website, Tech News

      • renuka devi

        A case for posting lots of good content on your website

        Content speaks for itself. It speaks for a company. It speaks to the people. Most business websites are sorely short on content. Sure, they have sales content and information about the company, but so few today are actually putting out high-quality content about relevant topics that make their w...

        Tags: Offbeat, Business, content marketing, Facebook, Google, infographic, marketing, Social Media, Twitter, Web content, website, Tech News

        • renuka devi

          10 small business web design mistakes to avoid

            Small businesses need websites. But not just any old website will work. Try to avoid these 10 Web design mistakes so your site will help your business succeed instead of slowing it down.   1. Poor navigation tools Your site’s visitors need to know how to find information. Witho...

          Tags: Design, Google, image, PageRank, Search engine optimization, Uniform Resource Locator, Web content, website, world wide web, Tech News

          • renuka devi

            26 key points to know prior to building a website

            So, you’re considering building a new website. You have an idea for a product, you’re starting a new company, or you’ve been charged with taking your 2002 antiquated website and modernizing it. The challenges you’ll face are many. The list of consolidated resources are fe...

            Tags: Design, Business, FAQs Help and Tutorials, free, Google, Search engine optimization, Search Engines, Searching, Social Media, web design, Web Design and Development, Web search engine, website, Tech News

            • renuka devi

              Modern search marketing is more art, less science with Penguin 2.0

              There are two frames of mind amongst search marketing professionals when it comes to major updates such as the Google Penguin update last year and the upcoming Penguin 2.0 algorithm update. Some start to panic as they’ve seen these algorithm updates force companies to make major changes. I...

              Tags: Google, Backlink, Bing, Google Penguin, Matt Cutt, Search engine marketing, Search engine optimization, website, Tech News

              • renuka devi

                The best in mobile web design tactics

                With the explosion in popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile web design has experienced similar growth. Because so many rely on their mobile devices to surf the Web, it’s become imperative for many companies to offer mobile websites that are easy to navigate and offer the same conte...

                Tags: Mobile, Desktop Computer, Mobile Computing, Mobile device, Mobile Web, smartphone, web design, website, world wide web, Tech News

                • renuka devi

                  Bing's overhauled News layout highlights trending social topics, rapid downfall of humanity

                  You know who seems like someone well equipped to dictate what shows up on a news site? That weird guy in your Facebook feed who is way, way too vocal about his political beliefs. Blatant sarcasm aside, Bing News has overhauled its web portal in order to accomplish two primary goals: look less l...

                  Tags: Tech News, bing, bing news, BingNews, design, internet, microsoft, news, overhaul, web, website

                  • Amy Brown

                    Why You Need to Create a Multi-vendor Online Store and How?

                    Multi-vendor E-store – An Overview A multi-vendor online store serves as one stop destination for multiple vendors, where they can display their products for sale. One of the most popular example of a multi-vendor online store is Amazon – though the products are sold by Amazon &nda...

                    Tags: online, website, web, wordpress

                    • Peter Nilsson

                      Ten Tips to Considerably Improve Your Website Security

                      WordPress users can improve their website security in just a few hours. Doing so, websites wouldn’t be unconquerable, but hacking them will be a complete chore.

                      Tags: wordpress, website, security, ssl

                      • Peter Nilsson

                        How to Prepare Your WordPress Website for Your Vacation

                        Learn How to Prepare Your Wordpress Website for Your Vacation with These Powerful & Proven Solutions

                        Tags: wordpress, website, vacation, holiday