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    • Erwin Fiebig

      Erwin Fiebig

      Tags: Erwin Fiebig, world, computer technology

      • Michelle Mopkins

        Make Beautiful Place Around You with Michalle Mopkins Landscape Designs

        If I say planting more flowers and trees as a landscape planning is one step towards making this world a beautiful place to live in, I wont be wrong. I have actually summarized all the amazing benefits it has to offer us and the impact it could leave on our lives for ever.

        Tags: michelle mopkins, world, beautifull, autibott, landscape planning, design

        • Carl Kruse

          Start Helping the World With Carl Kruse

          Carl Kruse is very active in the non-profit sector, mainly with organizations that emphasis on science, the environment, education, and art. He has traveled broadly all over Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and is fluent in English and Spanish and conversant in German, Fre...

          Tags: carl kruse, world