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    • Rachel Haywire

      The Stark Truth With Robert Stark | Rachel haywire

      Rachel Haywire, have number of distribution in united state.she is the owner of Trigger Warning which are performing on a new treat for the most activating among us. Women in Philosophy is a new collection concentrating on the philosophical documents of women who do not refer to gender politics.S...

      Tags: Rachel haywire, writer, Artist, musician, model

      • Peter Nilsson

        Writer – Professional WordPress Theme for Writers and Freelancers

        The Writer theme is a professionally designed and aesthetically wrapped-up WordPress theme for professional writers, bloggers, authors, and journalists.

        Tags: wordpress, writer, freelancers

        • Todd Tomasella

          God’s Two-Edged Sword: The Cross of Christ | Todd tomasella

          Todd tomasella: The Cross is the sword of God’s violence against evil. The cross even looks like an ancient sword with a handle, a hilt, and a blade with two edges and a point. For the word of God (the Word of the Cross; 1 Cor 1:17-18) is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any TWO-EDG...

          Tags: Todd tomasella, Todd, Author, writer, business, God, Church, Jesus, christianity

          • Douglas Vermeeren

            Secrets of Story Telling for Speakers – 10X Your Speaking Business with Douglas Vermeeren

            Secrets of Storytelling for Speakers According to Douglas Vermeeren Storytelling is one of the most important skills a speaker can develop. Storytelling is the most important part of connection and engagement. It makes you real and relatable. It is what allows people to see your authenticity. ...

            Tags: Douglas Vermeeren, Vermeeren, Doug Vermeeren, Author, speaking Business, writer, speakers, Doug

            • Douglas Vermeeren

              Douglas Vermeeren | How to Become a Wildly Successful Motivational Speaker

              No matter on which topic you are going to deliver speech, properly researched topic will distinguish your speech. Therefore, complete your homework before presenting to huge audience advice Doug Vermeeren.

              Tags: Douglas Vermeeren, Doug Vermeeren, writer, author, speaker, successful motivational speaker, personal power mastery, personal development, speaking business

              • Todd Tomasella

                Todd tomasella | There are Only Two Religions

                There are only two true religions. One is the Way, the Truth and the Life through Jesus Christ. The other is the message from the serpent that showed up in the Garden of Eden. Look at these photos of where Buddhism came from. They don’t even try to hide it. The illumination they receive com...

                Tags: Todd, Todd tomasella, writer, author, tomasella

                • Todd Tomasella

                  Todd tomasella | Transgender Talka

                  MESSAGE FROM A MODERN “PASTOR”: (Note: Here’s a typical seminarian who doesn’t even understand the foundational truth of mankind’s fallen nature and the reason Jesus came. SMH) “Transgenderism is a mental disorder. American needs to stop trying to protect th...

                  Tags: Todd, tomasella, Todd tomasella, God, Jesus, author, writer, Business, christianity

                  • Todd Tomasella

                    Return to Thy Mistress | Todd tomasella

                    “Todd tomasella” Return to thy mistress, and submit thyself under her hands – Genesis 16:9 Poor Hagar! No wonder that she fled. Her proud Arab independence and the sense of coming motherhood made her rebel against Sarah’s hard dealings. We have often meditated flight, i...

                    Tags: Todd tomasella, Todd, tomasella, Business, author, writer, Return to thy mistress, Jesus, God

                    • William Bronchick

                      William Bronchick | Getting Started in Real Estate with Little or No Money

                      "William Bronchick" You’ve seen the late-night infomercials with self-anointed gurus promising you millions in real estate profits with no money down. The truth is that many of these charlatans never made a dime in real estate, but instead built their fortunes through selling over...

                      Tags: William Bronchick, William, Bronchick, author, writer, real estate

                      • Douglas Vermeeren

                        Your Will-power starts with your Why-Power! Personal Power Mastery

                        Your Will-power starts with your Why-Power! Personal Power Mastery by Douglas Vermeeren, Personal Power Mastery Too often I have people that attend my seminars ask about the idea of motivation. Most of their questions and comments revolve around the challenge that have experienced in the past...

                        Tags: Doug Vermeeren, Douglas Vermeeren, speaking Business, speaker, author, writer, personal power mastery, Doug, Douglas Books