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    • Deepa Ranganathan

      Getting Started with Symfony 2

      Symfony 2 has seemingly gained the attention of developers in recent times. Owing to the growing hype surrounding this framework, it is something that you ought to know about. Let's try and decipher what the framework is all about, and how to get started with this platform. Introduction A...

      Tags: Symfony2, framework, development

      • Deepa Ranganathan

        5 Things You Should Know About HTML5 before Getting Started

        When you proceed with a relationship with a framework, you should ideally have complete information about it. There are myths and good things being talked about HTML5, and you need to ditch all of that, and come round to your own conclusion of the events. You need to identify why HTML5 is worth y...

        Tags: HTML5, framework, apps, HTML5 platform

        • F5 Buddy

          The Laravel Framework- 5.2 and 5.4 with some new features. #PHP #webapp #framework #Laravel

          Tags: PHP, webapp, framework, Laravel

          • Peter Nilsson

            Weekly WordPress Recap: WordPress Beta 2, RC & New JavaScript Framework in the Core?

            Our main headlines today are WordPress 4.8 Beta 2, WordPress 4.8 Release Candidate and WordPress to Select New JavaScript Framework for Use in Core.

            Tags: wordpress, JavaScript, Framework